What is the “Plate Method”?

The Plate Method is a simple guide for planning meals. The result is flavorful meals that are healthy, energy boosting, and satisfying. At BMC, we encourage using this method as a way to eat more healthy food and fewer unhealthy foods without sacrificing tradition and taste. Focus on fiber, keep your plate colorful, and drink water.


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Why is The Plate Method important?

The Plate Method helps patients portion out starchy, carbohydrate-containing foods that have the most impact on blood glucose levels. It also helps us to remember to eat a variety of food groups, like fruits, non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, proteins, dairy, and healthy fats.

What do carbohydrates have to do with blood glucose?

Carbohydrates (i.e. bread, grains, starchy vegetables, fruit/fruit juices, milk, yogurt, sweets/desserts) are digested into glucose, which causes blood sugar to increase. It’s important to keep blood glucose in a healthy range in order to stay healthy and feel energized. “Carb counting” can be helpful in managing blood glucose levels. It is not a diet, but rather a flexible meal planning tool. It’s important to make healthy carb choices that contain fiber, and choose foods like beans, whole grains, and whole fruits.