Primary Care Services

Boston Medical Center provides comprehensive gender affirming and primary care services. Our primary care providers support individuals from adolescence through adulthood.

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Behavioral Health Services

BMC offers behavioral health services provide support in evaluating the choices available and developing strategies to cope with psychological difficulties. Counseling during hormone therapy is usually supportive in nature and is intended to assist the individual in overcoming societal, family or personal issues inherent in this process. BH services provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore one’s identity and gender related issues.

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Endocrinology Services

Boston Medical Center is a leader in gender affirming hormone therapy. Patients can be referred by their primary care providers. Available endocrine services include initial consultations, active monitoring/prescribing/management of hormone regimens, guidance with complex medical concerns, and second opinions about hormone therapy strategies.

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Infectious Disease Services

The Center for Infectious Diseases (CID) at BMC offers care and consultation for people living with HIV, chronic hepatitis C, sexually transmitted infections and other infections. The clinic is unique in its multidisciplinary approach to empower individuals living with HIV to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. The CID care team consists of peer navigators, case managers, nurses and physicians and is skilled at creating tailored treatment plans for people living with HIV. The STD clinic offers screening for sexually transmitted infections (including chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis), hepatitis C and HIV as well as counseling for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)—a daily pill used to prevent HIV transmission for those individuals at risk.

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Voice Therapy Services

How one sounds when they speak with others is crucial to affirming an identity. The Center for Voice and Swallowing offers high-quality voice and communication therapy so that a patient’s voice and how they present themselves will match with their expression of identity. Our care team includes several trained Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in feminization and masculinization voice therapy.

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