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A New Year's Resolution for your Health

A New Year's Resolution for your Health

So you've made the decision to change bad habits and start to live a healthier lifestyle. But, is weight loss surgery right for you?

If you're obese and have had unsuccessful attempts at losing weight in the past, weight-loss surgery can help break that vicious cycle. BMC's Bariatric Surgery Program offers several procedures for managing weight and weight related health problems. Typically, patients with a BMI greater than 40 or a BMI 35-40 with a weight related comorbidity, can qualify. "Weight loss surgery is not only for weight loss," says Donald Hess, MD, Director of the Bariatric Surgery Program at BMC. "Additionally, it treats other medical conditions associated with being overweight such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis."

Current research shows that weight loss surgery can improve or completely resolve obesity-related conditions including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease.

Our multi-disciplinary team of skilled surgeons, nurses, dieticians, and medical nutritionists work with each individual patient to find the best surgical option for weight loss. The surgeons have performed thousands of successful surgeries and BMC's Weight Loss Surgery Program is recognized as a Center of Excellence by the American College of Surgeons.

Take the first step in your weight loss journey, and enroll in a New Patient Information Session. The sessions, conveniently offered in English and Spanish, both in person and online, give prospective patients the opportunity to meet our surgeons, learn about the different procedures offered and other helpful information about the path to surgery.

The program also offers patients an opportunity to talk with other people who have had weight loss surgery, which is an important aspect as you undergo a major life change. Support group sessions, led by registered dieticians, are held twice per month. All patients are welcome to attend no matter where they stand in their in their journey.

If you're considering weight loss surgery in the New Year, visit our website or call 617.414.8052 for information about booking a consultation.