Diabetic foot infections (DFI) are one of the most common diabetes-related causes of hospitalization in the United States.

Conditions of wound infection, poor circulation, nerve disease, and kidney disease frequently complicate this condition. The Podiatry Division at Boston Medical Center is a leader in diabetic wound care, amputation prevention and management. While working closely with the Vascular Division and having an active presence in every phase of emergency, inpatient, surgical, and outpatient care; the Podiatry team provides immediate response to not only limb but life threatening lower extremity wounds and infections. With decades of experience and specialized training, we are able to help preserve a functional limb. When this is not possible, we reconstruct the limb to best support the remaining function and shape to receive an orthopedic appliance/prosthesis.

Common Diabetic Services:

  • Nail, callus, corn management at regular intervals
  • Wound management
  • Reconstruction surgery, amputation prevention and management
  • Education