The Pediatric HIV Program was founded in 1988 by Dr. Ellen Cooper who still provides leadership. The program  has been continuously operating since that time, with very little staff turnover since inception.  As perinatal infected children have benefitted from increasingly sophisticated medical care and new antiviral therapies, they are growing up to be adolescents, and now young adults. Many have experienced social turmoil in their lives, and have lost loved ones in their family to the same illness. 

The Pediatric Program has served as a solid and positive influence, and in some cases have served as the most consistent caretakers they have known. It’s easy to understand why many see that moving  to adult care is another loss among the many in their lives. 

We have an innovative program to both prepare adolescents for the transition to adult care, while still creating a seamless care team that includes both pediatric and adult providers in the “new” environment of the adult clinic .Patients’ readiness is assessed, and deficiencies addressed so that they can slowly  accept their new surroundings and level of responsibility associated with adult care.

Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians, nurses, nurse practitioner, case managers, with social service and pharmacy support. Proximity to mental health services and reproductive health services for young women increases our ability to provide a one stop shopping model of care. Our approach to transition, as well as the initial engagement in care for the newly diagnosed adolescent, is individualized and highly variable in terms of content and timeline. Our goal is to empower these young adults in a way that promotes trust in both the new environment and the new providers.  

In addition to the ongoing clinical care that we provide, we remain the only IMPAACT site in New England, which allows us access to NIH supported clinical trials for children, adolescents, young adults, as well as  pregnant women and their infants. 

For new patient appointments or for more information call Carole Moloney , PNP at 617-414-5096