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All patients and visitors on our main campus must enter our hospital via Shapiro, Menino, or Moakley buildings, where they will be greeted by team members at a new centralized check-in desk before continuing to the hospital. We are excited to welcome you and appreciate your patience as we improve our facilities.

While many people do recover from COVID-19, others report long-lasting symptoms or new symptoms that develop after recovery from the original infection. When the symptoms last for longer than four weeks after the original infection, this is called long COVID.

There’s a lot we still don’t know about long COVID. We don’t know exactly how many people get long COVID, but studies suggest it’s about one of every five people who gets COVID-19. We also don’t know exactly what causes this condition. Part of the goal of the Long COVID Clinic is to learn more about this condition as we treat patients.

There are many potential symptoms of long COVID, but they are usually similar to the symptoms of the original COVID infection. Common symptoms include:
    ▪    Fatigue
    ▪    Lack of concentration
    ▪    Loss of appetite
    ▪    Memory loss
    ▪    Sleep and mood disorder
    ▪    Muscle and joint pain
    ▪    Coughing
    ▪    Shortness of breath
    ▪    Loss of taste and smell

To learn more about treatments for long COVID, contact the ReCOVer Long COVID Clinic

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