As part of Boston Medical Center’s mission of providing exceptional care without exception, we are committed not just to providing reproductive health care for all our patients, but also to protecting reproductive justice.

We are dedicated to ensuring everyone continues to have the three rights that make up reproductive justice:

  • The right to have a child.
  • The right to not have a child.
  • The right to parent your children in a safe and healthy environment.

While Massachusetts has a tradition of providing access to high-quality comprehensive care – and reproductive health care of all kinds, including abortion – for all residents, we know we must still be committed to ensuring access to care for all people who need it. In addition to continuing to provide safe care, we are working with our colleagues and others across the country to protect these essential human rights.

Our providers are here to help patients decide when and if they want to become pregnant, and to care for pregnant people, people who want to prevent or delay pregnancy, people dealing with pregnancy loss, and people who are pregnant and don’t want to be. These services are all essential pieces of the comprehensive reproductive health care that BMC provides.

All types of reproductive health care, including abortion and contraception/birth control, is legal and available in Massachusetts. All our patients can safely and legally get both contraception/birth control and abortion care here at BMC and in other clinics in Massachusetts. Insurance coverage is available for all of these services, including through MassHealth.

Please contact your health care provider if you have questions. You can call our OB/GYN department at 617.414.2000, send your doctor non-urgent medical questions through MyChart, or visit our OBGYN department website to learn more.