BOSTON – On June 6, Boston Medical Center (BMC) will lead a national conversation about how to improve emergency medicine by hosting the second annual Essential Emergency Medicine Conference. Leaders from hospitals and essential emergency medicine departments throughout the country will attend the two-day, forward-thinking conference, Strengthening Essential Emergency Departments (SEED). Discussions will focus on innovations that will lead to healthier, thriving communities and serve as an opportunity for emergency medicine leaders to share experiences and best-in-class practices for managing trauma, critical care, and social factors that impact patient health.

During this year’s conference, SEED attendees aim to strengthen existing models of care, build ambitious and achievable patient-centric solutions, and promote advocacy and engagement. Leaders will discuss value-based care - an approach that concurrently considers the quality of care, provider performance, and patient experience. Focusing on what patients care about most, conference participants will discuss how value-based care improves individual health outcomes and can mitigate social needs that impact patient and community health.

“As we look into the future of emergency care, we want to create a system that is designed to meet the needs of all patients,” said Brian Yun, MD, MBA, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs in the Department of Emergency Medicine at BMC. “SEED is an opportunity to connect with expert emergency medicine leaders and find best practices for recognizing, and addressing social factors, such as food and housing insecurity, that impact patient health. Together we will strategize novel ways to bring transformational, value-based care to emergency medicine.”

From cities across the nation, 16 essential emergency departments will convene at SEED. In addition to emergency medicine physician leaders, SEED will welcome nurse leaders and administrative directors from participating hospitals to help facilitate a holistic conversation about the challenges faced by essential emergency departments and the opportunities to further improve emergency medicine.

“The conversations that took place at last year’s conference enabled us to evolve best practices including workforce safety and security and develop an online emergency department information platform to help with clinical decision making,” said Christian Arbelaez, MD, MPH, the Chief of Emergency Medicine at BMC and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine. “The discussions we’ll have at SEED will help our team continue to expand our knowledge and improve our approaches to best serve people across the nation.”

BMC’s emergency department is the largest and busiest in New England. It provides expert emergency medical care to more than 130,000 patients each year. Recently, BMC established the Innovation in Exceptional Care Chair in Emergency Medicine, BMC’s first philanthropically endowed chair. It gives current and future endowment recipients the resources to tackle common emergency department challenges including overcrowding and patients managing co-occurring substance use disorder, homelessness, and mental illness. Arbelaez, who was named inaugural chair, is committed to advancing clinical care and health equity in emergency departments, furthering BMC’s work as a national model in emergency medicine.  

The two-day agenda will feature speakers: Anthony Hollenberg, President of Boston Medical Center; Christian Arbelaez, MD, MPH, Chair, Emergency Medicine at BMC; Sandro Galea, MD, MPH, DrPH, Dean, BU School of Public Health; William Gordon, MD, MBI, FAMIA, Medical Office & Senior Advisor, Data and Technology, CMMI; Susan Nedza, MD, MBA, Former Regional Chief Medical Officer, CMMS; Robert Nelb, MPH, Director of Policy, America’s Essential Hospitals; Randy Pilgrim, MD, CMO, SCP Health; William Schpero, PhD, Asst. Professor, Health Policy and Economics, Cornell; Lara Terry, MD, MPH, Chief and VP, Value-Based Care, BMCHS; Congresswoman Lori Trahan, Louis Keogh Weed, MS, Instructor, Department of Health Management, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Affiliate Faculty, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care; Brian Yun, MD, MBA, MPH, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, Emergency Medicine, BMC.

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