Boston Medical Center Health System (BMCHS) and acclaimed street artist Rob ‘Pro Blak’ Gibbs celebrated the completion of “"Breathe Life V,” the fifth installment in Gibbs’ “Breathe Life” mural series.  Completed in partnership with BMC Health System, Gibbs' new mural at the health system’s administrative building at 960 Massachusetts Avenue continues to spread love, connect the community, and elevate powerful imagery of young people throughout the city.

Gibbs, who is an award-winning and nationally acclaimed artist, is a beloved within Boston and among many BMC patients. He is a storyteller whose work reflects his passion for embracing the community and uplifting others, much like the work of BMC.

“Our collaboration with Rob was born out of a shared passion for community and nurturing the best in those who are part of our community,” said Petrina Martin Cherry, MBA, Vice President of Community Engagement and External Affairs at BMCHS. “Working with Rob was a natural fit, as his vision for the series was tightly aligned with our mission to empower our patients and community as we rewrite healthcare.  More than a mural, this piece will inspire the BMC community to pause, wonder and continue to be innovative as we tackle the root causes of health inequity and provide world-class care for all.”

“Breathe Life” series, “Breath Life V” maintains the visual language of the previous murals, using the Hubble Galaxy as a visual clue that unites viewers and the community in universal thought while reminding people of all spaces still to explore. Within the mural, a joyful young girl can be seen opening the pages of a book, seemingly both happy and deep in thought. In Gibbs’ vision, the girl is imagining the limitless possibilities for our shared future while encouraging the audience to participate in the art of storytelling with the blank paper flying across the wall.

“In a world where young people are so often swiping on a phone or being told how to act or learn, “Breath Life V” reminds us that curiosity should be encouraged, that music, reading, art and exploration allows imagination and innovation to grow,” said Gibbs. “As an artist, I seek to create spaces that reflect the beauty, diversity and resilience of the communities that surround us. My collaboration with BMC Health System was born out of that shared passion, and their relentless work to support the community we live in and celebrate the diversity each of us brings.”

Born and raised in Roxbury, Mass., during the hip-hop golden era, Gibbs’ work is rooted in hip-hop culture and captures the essence of hip-hop as an art that celebrates the power of shared experiences, resilience and self-expression. His ‘Breathe Life’ mural series has received national acclaim, most recently as the first local, Black artist to paint the coveted Dewey Square Mural on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Gibbs has been named Boston’s 100 Most Influential People in 2022 and Best of Boston, Artist and Muralist.

The collaboration between Gibbs and BMC Health System is a visual representation of a shared passion and commitment to community. Both have worked tirelessly throughout the years to support and empower the community members. At BMC, the providers and healthcare team go beyond traditional medicine to address the root causes of health disparities, from housing and food insecurity to economic mobility, to create the most positive environment for residents. Most recently, the health system announced the pilot of Clean Power Prescription, a new pilot program that will support the physical, economic and environmental health of BMC patients through a solar array on the roof of 960 Massachusetts Avenue.

“Breath Life V” is located at 960 Massachusetts Avenue on the side of The Record Co., a community record company and below BMC Health System’s offices.

To learn more about Rob Gibbs visit his website or Instagram channel.  You can find more on BMC’s support of the local community on their website or connect on Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn.


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