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Violation Reporting

Anonymous Reporting of Resident Issues

This form allows an anonymous report by anyone with concerns regarding the work or treatment of Boston Medical Center trainees. In addition to residents and fellows, any BMC employee or a resident's family member can make the report

Examples for using this report:

  • instances of coercion to exceed duty hours involving the person reporting the violation or observed coercion of others.
  • observation of evidence for excess fatigue and sleep deprivation in residents who continue to engage in active patient care.

When this form is used, we guarantee that no demographic information such as IP address, workstation ID, or any other identifying information is captured, and you will remain anonymous.

The secure information you provide in this form will be immediately routed to the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) Jeffrey Schneider, MD, for investigation and implementation of corrective action as warranted.

When submitting the below form, please indicate the department, the date of the violation/incident (if applicable), and the nature of the violation/incident.

In order to provide public access to this important health information, this web page is located outside of BMC's secure internal systems, and the information you provide may not be protected. Please avoid providing detailed medical information. If, at any time, you prefer to speak directly with a BMC representative, please call 617.638.8000.