Commonwealth of Massachusetts Physician License Applications

All incoming physician trainees:

BMC will email you an invitation and invite code to apply online for a limited license/change of program limited license. 

All trainees applying for a Full Medical License:

Full Medical License Site

Medical Licensure FAQ for incoming Interns, Residents and Fellows

Can my Associate Program Director or Chief complete the Evaluation Form?

Yes, if your current/previous Program Director is not available to complete the Evaluation Form a Section Chief or Associate Program Director can complete the form. Other faculty, advisors or staff cannot complete the form.

Do I have to provide the ECFMG certificate and status to the department or directly to the Board?

ECFMG certificate must be submitted to your training program at BMC.
ECFMG Status report must be sent directly to the MA Medical Board. Please note that the status report is available for a limited time after you submit the request. It is recommended that you wait for your program office to alert you that the application is on it's way to the MA Medical Board before you purchase the status report.

Do I need to have passed both USMLE Step 2 [CK & CS] and if so, is an email copy ok to submit with application?

The MA Medical Board requires that you pass USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK before a license will be issued to you. The Board has suspended the requirement for initial limited license applicants to submit evidence of having passed USMLE Step 2 CS. This temporary suspension will automatically occur if the applicant has not previously failed USMLE Step 2 CS. If an applicant failed USMLE Step 2 CS prior to March 13, 2020, they will need to submit a request for the temporary suspension of this requirement. These requests will be considered by the Board's Licensing Committee.

USMLE transcripts can be submitted two ways:

  • A print out from their ERAS application (this must show passing marks for Step 1, Step 2CK & Step 2CS)
  • An official transcript from the FSMB in a sealed envelope

For a Change of Program Application what is considered "previous training" for question 7?

Previous training on this application refers to all training that has been done prior to date you enter your new training program, so yes this includes your current program.

FORM B – Does my Medical School send this in as soon as I have completed school or wait until after I have graduated?

FORM B cannot be submitted until after you have completed all requirements for Medical School.

How can I check the status of my license application?

By logging into your MA Board portal or by calling your program office. DO NOT, under any circumstances, call the Mass Medical Board.

How do I find a U.S. notary if I am currently outside of the US?

All Notaries must be U.S. Notaries. If you are outside the U.S. please check with your local consulate to see if they can provide you with a notary.

I have/had a Full MA Medical License, can I now apply for a limited license with my training program?

No. Once you obtain a Full Medical License in MA you cannot return to a limited license.
If you have a Full Medical License in another state, you can still apply for a MA limited license.

My transcripts are in my home language. What does the MA Medical Board require?

All non-English documents must be translated. Translations are accepted only in one of the two following ways: (1) translated by the medical school, translations and original documents must be submitted and each page much have the school seal, (2) translated by a company based in the United States.

Should I apply for a limited license or a full license?

The only reason you would apply for a Full Medical License during your training program is to moonlight or some specialty boards may require you to have a full license before you can take the board examination (check with your program administrator). You should speak with your Program Director to find out if moonlighting is allowed in your program, and also review the BMC Policy for residents/fellows with Full Medical Licenses (posted on the top of this page) before applying for a Full Medical License.

What do I do once my application is completed?

All completed materials need to be mailed directly to your Program Administrator, nothing should be mailed to the Mass Medical Board.

What is Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS)?

In order to use FCVS for primary source verifications you will need to already have an FCVS profile created. If you plan to use FCVS for submission of your license application to the MA Medical Board, you will need to make sure that you send the e-file directly to the MA Medical Board, and they will download it directly from FCVS.

Please note that the e-file is available for a limited time after you submit the request. It is recommended that you wait for your program office to alert you that the application is on it's way to the MA Medical Board before you submit the e-file request online.
FCVS obtains primary-source verification of medical education, postgraduate training, examination history, board action history, board certification and identity. This repository of information allows a physician and/or physician assistant to establish a confidential, lifetime professional portfolio with FCVS which can be forwarded, at the applicant's request, to any state medical and osteopathic board that has established an agreement with FCVS, hospital, healthcare or other entity.

Boston Medical Center requires a copy of the FCVS file if it is used for your license application.

Where do I get the license application forms?

As of 2023, the MA Board of Registration switched to online medical license applications. You must be emailed an invitation and invite code from the institution.

Why do I need to submit everything in one package, as long as everything is in sealed envelopes with signature across the seal?

You can submit items in piecemeal, or in one packet. Your Program Administrator will let you know how they would like to receive the information. We highly suggest organizing the information into one packet to assure that no materials are misplaced.

Will a copy of my medical school diploma be required to process the license application?

Medical School Diplomas are required but only for non-U.S. and non-Canadian medical school graduates. International medical school graduates must provide either (1) a notarized copy or (2) a copy directly from the medical school with an official school seal on it.

Will I get my certificates back once I submit them?

No, the only forms returned from the MA Medical Board are original marriage certificates. And they will only return these if notified up front that the applicant wishes them returned and provided with a self-addressed and stamped envelope to return them in.