Lung Cancer Screening

If you are at a high risk for developing lung cancer, you may be eligible for a lung cancer screening CT scan. The purpose of this test is to look for lung cancers and catch them at an early stage when they can be treated more effectively. Depending on your age, smoking history and current health you may be eligible for a lung cancer screening CT scan. This low-dose chest CT scan is performed here at BMC. Before scheduling a screening CT, you must speak to your primary care provider or one of the clinicians at BMC's Lung Nodule Clinic about the risks and benefits of this test and whether lung cancer screening is right for you.

The following PDF provides general information for patients who might be considering whether to undergo lung cancer screening:

The Importance of Lung Cancer Screening

BMC Lung Nodule Clinic

Pulmonologists (lung doctors), nurses, and health navigators in BMC’s Lung Nodule Clinic work together with you and your primary care provider to develop an individualized plan to evaluate lung nodules. Lung nodules show up on an X-ray or CT scan. Most are harmless and cause no problems, but a small percentage (fewer than 5%) turn out to be cancer. The team tailors a management plan that is unique for you, based on the best studies available. Sometimes, this involves monitoring lung nodules to see if they change in size over time, and other times, a biopsy or surgery may be recommended for the lung nodule. The Lung Nodule Clinic also provides counseling about the risks and benefits of lung cancer screening. The purpose of lung cancer screening is to find lung cancers at an early stage when treatment may be more effective. BMC’s specialists can help to determine if this test is right for you.

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