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Boston Medical Center's ReCOVer clinic offers referral-only, breathing retraining program to those seeking recovery from Long COVID.  We offer a rehabilitation program that combines self-regulation strategies and a variety of breathing techniques to improve symptoms and support healing.

Our services are available to all eligible patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Program Overview

Dysfunctional breathing is common in long COVID patients. One study found that it was present in 88% of long COVID patients with unexplained dyspnea (Mancini et al, 2021).  Dysfunctional breathing might contribute to and aggravate symptoms such as breathlessness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog. 

Through breath work and appropriate breathing techniques, you can learn how to restore functional breathing, increase its efficiency, increase stamina, and increase sense of well-being. You can also learn to consciously control your heart rate, calm down the nervous system's fight or flight, regulate the immune system, and improve the health of your lungs. This can potentially restore physiological balance, improve the related symptoms, and support your healing.

The program includes:

  • Initial in-person evaluation session 
  • 6 weekly one-hour group sessions on Zoom 
  • Weekly home practice handouts and recordings
  • Re-evaluation in-person session
  • Individual sessions as needed
  • Email support
  • Option to participate in a bi-weekly Long COVID support group on zoom

Our Team

Hadas Golan is a speech and language pathologist and an Integrative Breathing Therapies practitioner. She has been working with breathing therapy and retraining in her clinical practice over the past ~15 years helping people with various conditions. She uses a range of evidence based breathing therapies. These include the Buteyko breathing method, Resonance frequency breathing, resistance training breathing, mindful breath and movement, and more.

Our Location

Referral Process

Patients will need a referral from a licensed nurse practitioner or physician stating indication for a speech evaluation and therapy. If you are a referring provider, please call (617-638-8124) or fax (617-414-4953) and include “Long COVID symptoms” or “Hadas Golan” in the referral text.

Patient Stories


Long COVID Patient Story


Long COVID Patient Story


Long COVID Patient Story