What is Direct Access to Antiretroviral Therapy (DAART)?

DAART (Direct Access to Antiretroviral Therapy) is a clinical program offered through the Center for Infectious Diseases. DAART links patients to HIV care immediately after a positive HIV diagnosis, rather than waiting for a follow-up visit.  Research shows that beginning treatment at the time of diagnosis helps patients to live longer, healthier lives and lowers their risk of transmitting the virus to others.

What criteria makes someone eligible for DAART?

A patient is eligible for DAART if:

  • They are newly diagnosed as HIV positive, or

  • They have previously been diagnosed as HIV positive and are not yet receiving treatment

What criteria makes someone not eligible for DAART?

A patient is not eligible for DAART if:

  • They are already taking HIV medications
  • They were previously receiving treatment for HIV but stopped. However, our team can assist in helping the patients get back into care.

What happens once a patient enrolls in DAART?

After receiving a positive HIV diagnosis, patients will meet with a nurse practitioner (NP) to discuss treatment. The NP will answer any specific questions or concerns the patient has.  Patients will also meet with a pharmacist who will help them understand their medications, how they work, when and how to take them, and any possible side effects.

How will the patient know if medication is working?

Once the patient has begun treatment, our clinic staff will contact their primary care provider. After the patient’s first follow-up visit (usually within two weeks), our staff will contact their primary care provider with any necessary test results.  

If a patient is not currently receiving treatment at BMC, but would like to, how can they transfer their care to BMC?

If your patient would like to transfer their HIV care to BMC, the patient will need to notify the DAART nurse practitioner at BMC as well as their current provider. To transfer care to BMC, patients will need to sign a medical release form so that BMC can receive and review their medical records.  BMC can provide most if not all services a patient may need in one location. 

If a patient does not want to receive HIV treatment at Boston Medical Center, are they still able to start medications?

Yes.  Please let us know which clinic your patient prefers for HIV care and we will facilitate making an appointment at their selected location.  Since we will need to let you know what medications your patient has been prescribed, at the time of their visit we will have your patient sign a medical release form.

For more information about DAART, or to book an appointment, please call our Intake Coordinator at 617-414-7056