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Otolaryngology Residency Program Aims


To train physicians to become outstanding clinicians and surgeons who can treat all aspects of diseases within Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and uphold the highest degree of ethical character and professionalism in academic and private hospitals nationwide.

Who are we training?

Our residents come from US allopathic medical schools and represent all cultures and communities.  Many of our residents have family or educational ties to the New England region.  Residents choose our program for the robust and comprehensive clinical education, the ability to work in a diverse academic medical center, and to live in Boston.

What do our trainees do when they graduate?

Most graduates go into either a general private practice or do a subspecialty fellowship before entering a private practice or academic setting; there is a 50% fellowship rate for graduates.  We have had a few graduates go directly into an academic practice. Our trainees practice in all regions of the country.

What patient populations do we serve?

We have four training sites, each of which have a different patient population.  Through these sites our residents treat all cultures and races, in both urban and suburban towns and cities, in hospital-based practices.