Pediatric Rheumatologist caring for baby

At Boston Medical Center we offer numerous complementary and alternative treatments for pain and fatigue related to pediatric rheumatology.  Some of these treatments are described below:

Complementary and alternative treatments

  • for pain and fatigue

Medications and infusions

  • to treat arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune conditions

Trigger point injections for neck, shoulder and back pain 

  • Trigger point injections are a safe and very effective remedy for painful muscles around the neck, shoulders, and back.  A small needle is inserted into the muscle and releases the "knot," an action which usually leads to lasting relief for up to 2 months.  It can be thought of as a very strong massage.

Ultrasound-guided steroid injections for painful or swollen joints:

  • For conditions such as arthritis, sometimes steroid injections are required to relieve pain and swelling in a joint.  Dr. Cohen is formally certified in musculoskeletal ultrasound, which reduces the pain of joint injections and increases their safety and effectiveness.

Holistic care and complementary therapies

  • To improve function and a child's sense of well-being: We take a great interest in the overall wellbeing of our patients, and Dr. Cohen has special training in mindfulness meditation. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of diet and nutritional supplements.


  • INTERX® is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to relieve pain and restore function in many areas of the body.  INTERX® is a safe, drug-free technology that delivers targeted stimulation to an affected area. The virtually painless treatment gives off a comfortable stimulation to help release endorphins and dynorphins. The result? Natural pain relief and accelerated recovery. There are currently no known side effects related to INTERX®, and in addition to pain relief, patients often report of improved sleep, gut health, mental clarity, mood, and energy.

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