What is the BMC PFAC? 

The PFAC is comprised of patient/family advisors who volunteer their time and ideas to inform improvements at BMC. Members of the PFAC represent diverse experiences, perspectives, and identities. The rich perspectives that members bring to the PFAC lead to nuanced and multifaceted approaches to healthcare improvement. 

PFAC Mission

To support the hospital’s mission of providing exceptional and accessible care for all through enhanced partnership between patients, families, caregivers, and staff.

The PFAC draws on multiple insights to provide guidance, feedback, and direction to BMC teams, including:

  • Lived experiences of health conditions and BMC services
  • Shared value system
  • Research evidence, best practice, and literature

Annual Reports

2023 PFAC Report

2022 PFAC Report

Patient Stories

Hear from some of our PFAC members about why they joined and what they love about PFAC.

Boston Medical Center Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Application

Boston Medical Center Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Application

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch soon. 

Please contact the Patient Experience team with any questions at 617-414-5903 or PatientExperience@bmc.org.