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Block Rotations

Program Description - Block Rotations

Below is a sample resident block rotation schedule.

  Program Year 2 Program Year 3
July Pedi Neuro
outpatient service
Pedi Neuro inpatient service
August Epilepsy-electrophysiology Pedi Neuro inpatient service
September Pedi Neuro outpatient service Pedi Neuro inpatient service
October Neuroradiology Epilepsy-electrophysiology
November Elective Child Psychiatry
December Behavioral Neurology-LD/ADD/PDD clinics Epilepsy-electrophysiology
January Pedi Neuro inpatient service Pedi Neuro outpatient service
February Neuropathology Pedi Neuro outpatient service
March Pedi Neuro inpatient service Pediatric Rehab service
April Pedi Neuro inpatient service Neurocritical care at CHB
May Pedi Neuro outpatient service at CHB Elective
June Elective Elective
  • For the 2nd and 3rd years, residents will be expected to attend Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds
    > Twice a year they will give a 1 hour didactic 
    > Twice a year they will conduct a live case discussion at our Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds live case discussion
  • Inpatient experience: 6 months
    During inpatient service, the resident will be expected to be in charge of all consultations, patients who come to the ED and service admissions. The resident will be expected to supervise all facets of patient care for children followed by the pediatric neurology service and will give at least one lecture each week to pediatric residents who rotate on our service.
  • Outpatient experience
    > Weekly continuity clinic for all three years
    > Focused experience at BMC: 4 months
    > Focused experience at CHB: 1 month
  • Elective: 2 months in 2nd year and 2 months in 3rd year