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Acting FAST: BMC Stroke Survival Stories

Acting FAST: BMC Stroke Survival Stories

Did you know that every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke? According to the American Stoke Association, stroke is the leading cause of disability; but fortunately, stroke is also easy to prevent, treat, and beat.

At Boston Medical Center, our dedicated stroke care team is committed to providing rapid, safe and effective treatment for patients who are suffering from a stroke. Our providers collaborate at all stages of treatment using state-of-the-art research, technology, and treatment. These unique capabilities are essential to the realization of our ultimate goal — to provide outstanding stroke care to our patients and our community.

We are proud to provide acute stroke care for patients across New England. Learn more about their stories, here.

For more information about stroke, including warning signs and prevention tips, please call the Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center at BMC at 617.638.8456, email [email protected] or visit