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This message is from Tom Moore, Associate Provost, BUMC and Mike Collins, BMC Executive Director, Research:

We are pleased to announce updated guidance for determining the home institution for research, that is, whether BMC or BU and, if BU, which BU school. The guidance states:

An investigator’s home institution is the one that controls the space where research will be conducted.

This space is defined as:

Project Type Location Determination
Laboratory-based research Location of the lab
Human research Primary location where the research study team is based
Student research Student's school
House officer/fellow research Institution of the trainees research mentor

This guidance applies to all research and research offices at BMC and BU schools on the medical campus.If you have any questions, please contact Mike Collins (BMC) or Tom Moore (BUSM).

For more detail, please see the updated Research Space Matrix .

How to Get Started
New Federal Notices
New Pre-Award Forms and Polices
Other Resources

How to Get Started

Research Resources at (BU & BMC)

NIH Guide

HIPAA's Privacy Rule is in effect 4/14/03. The Rule will likely change how you collect health information as part of your research. The OCR has prepared a new website with general information, forms and instructions to acquaint you with the new requirements. Please refer to the site: as you prepare your IRB applications. The NIH has also developed a website ( on "Privacy and Research", which is very informative.

BMC or BU Research Space Information: 
Research Space Matrix

Conversion Table for NIH Effort (.xls)

New Federal Notices

FY10 NIH Stipend Increase (F32s, T32s, etc)
NIH Salary Limitations

New Pre-Award Forms and Polices

New Faculty Departure Policy & Checklist (PDF)
New Proposal Summary Form (PDF)
COI (Conflict of Interest) Policy (PDF)
COI Disclosure Form (.doc)
New Letter of Intent Form (PDF)
Research Participant Compensation Policy (PDF)

Independent Consultant Policy (.doc)
Research and HIPAA (BMC/BU Research Policy and Procedure)

Other Resources

Link to find federal, state and foundation websites, funding sources and policies, download forms or locate research facilities and experts in various scientific research areas:

Federal Health Services and Agencies
State, Agency, and Foundation Websites
Funding Information for Government and Scientific Research Sites
Miscellaneous – Federal Regulatory, general and institutional Links