This is a crunchy and fresh side-salad recipe, using a protein of your choice. Make it plant-based by using beans or tofu. The olives provide the salt, so there is no need to add additional salt unless you skip the olives.

To make this salad into a light and balanced meal, add about 1/2 cup of cooked whole grain such as brown rice to each serving.

Try out dressing-in-a-jar recipe for your salad dressing, or use your favorite salad dressing. Just remember that many store-brought salad dressings are high in sodium and calories, so check nutrition labels or use a homemade dressing if possible.


Lettuce - 3 cups, rinsed and chopped (Romaine or lettuce of choice) Tomatoes - 1 medium tomato, washed and diced (or 10 cherry tomatoes, washed and halved) Cucumber - ⅓ of a large cucumber, washed and diced (sub carrots, bell pepper or other crunchy vegetable) Olives - ½ cup, pitted and chopped (optional) Protein -hard-boiled eggs (four large), canned tuna (5-ounce can, drained), canned chicken (9-ounce, drained), grilled or baked chicken (6 ounces, cooked and chopped)


Step 1
Combine ingredients in 1 large bowl, toss with dressing of choice, and serve.


Nutrition facts provided are for the recipe version using 4 hard-boiled eggs. This recipe makes 2 servings.

Nutrition Information