La pandemia de COVID-19 ha afectado la forma en que tanto los niños como los adultos sufren. Si está buscando información sobre cómo apoyar a un niño que está en duelo durante esta pandemia, consulte nuestras guías de recursos:

El programa Good Grief del Boston Medical Center brinda apoyo terapéutico a los niños que han experimentado una pérdida importante, como la muerte de una persona importante, el divorcio o la separación de un cuidador principal. Después de una pérdida, los niños necesitan el apoyo de adultos que se preocupen por ellos para ayudarlos a entender su pérdida, apoyar su dolor y fortalecer sus estrategias para afrontar la situación. El programa Good Grief ofrece una fuerza estabilizadora y de apoyo para los niños que están en duelo mientras responden a sus pérdidas o pérdidas.

El programa logra este trabajo a través de una variedad de esfuerzos, que incluyen:

  • Ofrecer citas de consulta a los cuidadores que buscan las mejores formas de ayudar a sus hijos en duelo.
  • Proporcionar terapia de duelo.
  • Brindar capacitación y consultas sensibles al duelo a las agencias comunitarias.
  • Conectando a las personas con los recursos del duelo.

A través de estos servicios, el programa Good Grief busca satisfacer las necesidades de los niños que están en duelo y promover la capacidad de recuperación para toda la vida.

To make a donation to Good Grief, please click here, choose ‘other’ and direct your gift to Good Grief.

Make a Donation to Good Grief

Holiday Donations

If you are interested in ways to support the work of the Good Grief Program, please consider making a donation to our program or selecting something from our Amazon Wish List. The Wish List can be viewed here.

Currently, our program is accepting holiday donations. The holidays can be an especially difficult time for grieving families. While this special time of year can be exciting, it can also be a painful reminder of a child’s loss. Particularly right now, when so many of our traditional customs and ways of celebrating are impacted by the pandemic. Additionally, many families encounter new financial stressors and constraints in the wake of a significant loss. To help support these families, the Good Grief Program has created an Amazon Wish List of toys, books, and other items that have been requested by the children and families served by the program. Thank you for your consideration in supporting our work and the children we serve.

Getting Connected to Services

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please call our program line at 617.414.4005. When a child or youth is referred to our program for services, our team works closely with the child's caregiver to discuss needs and develop personalized options for support.

Training Opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please call our program line at 617.414.4005. When a child or youth is referred to our program for services, our team works closely with the child's caregiver to discuss needs and develop personalized options for support.

The Good Grief Program at Boston Medical Center offers a variety of training opportunities for professionals interested in learning more about how to best support children and youth who have experienced loss. These trainings and workshops are built on the belief that through supporting, enriching relationships, adults can make a meaningful, resiliency-building impact on a child's life.

The Good Grief Program can work with you to develop a training opportunity to fit your particular needs. For more information on availability, cost, and how to bring a training to your school or agency, please contact us at 617.414.4005.

Clinical Internship

The Good Grief Program is excited to collaborative with another specialty pediatric program, the SPARK Center, to offer a clinical internship dedicated to providing comprehensive, integrated clinical services for children and families impacted by grief and loss. Students will have the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team of hospital professional including mental health counselor, social workers, psychologists, developmental-behavioral pediatricians, and resource specialists among others. This internship will provide intensive training for students to provide grief-focused therapy to children and youth (0-18). Students will provide individual and dyadic (child-caregiver) therapy and will gain exposure to evidence-based practices like Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and the Grief and Trauma Intervention. Additionally, students will provide holistic support to children who are grieving through the provision of ongoing and acute consultation with caregivers and other collateral agencies (e.g., schools, PCP). Through the integrative nature of the training site, students will also be able to observe and participate in a variety of pediatric specialty services. To support their internship experience, students will participate in weekly didactics, clinical formulation and presentation seminars, as well as individual and group supervision. 

Interested candidates should send their resume/CV, cover letter, and letters of recommendation (optional) to Maureen Patterson-Fede, by January 3, 2022. 

Contact Information

Maureen Patterson-Fede, MSW, LICSW
Mental Health Clinician

Maureen Patterson-Fede is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who brings years of working with children and families to her work with the Good Grief Program. The central pillar to Maureen’s work has been supporting children and their caregivers as they heal from trauma and loss. She has worked with families in a variety of settings including domestic violence shelters, Children's Advocacy Centers, clinic-based settings, and home-based work. Across these environments, she has learned that families deeply benefit from kind, empathetic, and attentive care that is led by their needs and illuminates their strengths and resiliency.

In her work with the Good Grief Program, Maureen brings her experience to provide developmentally informed, responsive consultation and support services to caregivers and their children in the wake of an acute loss. Maureen also works collaboratively with school communities to provide training on how to support resiliency and well-being for students who are grieving.

Minelia Rodriguez, M.S., LMHC
Mental Health and Intake Clinician

Minelia Rodriguez is a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) mental health clinician, who provides consultation and therapeutic services at the Good Grief Program. Minelia has provided therapeutic and support services to children and families through home, school, and clinic-based programming. Through the Good Grief Program, Minelia is able to provide trauma and grief interventions to children and families when they’ve experienced a significant loss. Minelia works hard to provide service access to families in neighborhoods of a lower socioeconomic status, and who are experiencing higher rates of community violence. Minelia is especially interested in increasing service access for Spanish-speaking families, immigrant families, and families who are experiencing significant barriers to mental health treatment.

Yvette LeBlanc Gundry, M.S., LMHC
Mental Health Clinician

Yvette LeBlanc is a Mental Health Clinician and National Board-Certified Counselor who provides therapy and consultation services to children and families through the Good Grief Program at Boston Medical Center. Yvette holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas and has specialized training in child-centered play therapy as well as expressive arts and mindfulness interventions. She has diverse clinical experiences including in community agency settings, in higher education student support, and within child advocacy centers; all of which contribute to her expertise in supporting the needs of child and adult clients alike. 

The foundation of Yvette’s approach to therapy is honoring the client’s unique experience and the belief that telling one’s story in therapy can positively affect the healing that happens in each area of a person’s life. She utilizes a client-centered, grief- and trauma-informed approach to tailor therapy and parent consultation to each family’s needs. Yvette strives for a collaborative relationship in which she provides a nonjudgmental space for each client, along with information, encouragement, and support so that children and caregivers can make the progress they want to make on their healing journey. 

Rachel Walsh, M.A.
Clinical Intern

Rachel Walsh is a clinical intern who provides therapeutic support services to children and their families through the Good Grief Program at Boston Medical Center. Rachel holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Hunter College. She is currently a clinical psychology doctoral student at William James College. Rachel is passionate about working alongside her clients to support them after their loss. She is dedicated to creating a welcoming, healing space for each client that honors their loss, their needs, and their hopes 

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