Established in 1968, the Department of Neurosurgery at Boston Medical Center is a full-service clinical and academic program that provides advanced treatment for patients with a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders of the brain, nerves, spine and spinal cord. Our team includes highly experienced neurosurgeons who subspecialize in all major areas of neurosurgery. We have multidisciplinary programs in trauma, neuro-oncology, and cerebrovascular disease that provide our patients with a broad spectrum of treatment options. We work with our colleagues to provide our patients with the highest level care in a truly compassionate environment.

  • Our neurosurgeons have extensive experience in using state-of-the-art technology and innovative surgical methods to treat patients with a wide variety of brain, nerve and spine conditions.
  • BMC offers patients access to the newest clinical treatments in this specialized field, using the advanced image-guidance and minimally invasive techniques to provide safe and successful treatment of complex brain tumors, aneurysms, movement disorders (including Parkinson's disease), epilepsy, and spine diseases.

Our Department has a long-standing tradition of providing the finest neurosurgical care possible to all residents of this region regardless of ethnicity, race or economic status.

Our patients benefit from the truly collaborative nature of our practice and from the cumulative expertise of the entire department. 

We share Boston Medical Center’s commitment to exceptional care, without exception and are proud of our outcomes, and the trusting relationships we have established with our patients. Our outpatient clinic is located in Boston Medical Center’s beautiful Shapiro Center in Boston’s historic South End.


Tratamientos y Servicios

Cirugía de fusión espinal compleja

El Departamento de Neurocirugía del Boston Medical Center ofrece un tratamiento quirúrgico integral de la columna, la espalda y el cuello. El tratamiento de los problemas cerebrales y de la columna depende de la gravedad del problema o la lesión.

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Cirugía de columna mínimamente invasiva

El Departamento de Neurocirugía de Boston Medical Center brinda un tratamiento quirúrgico integral de la columna, la espalda y el cuello. Utilizamos una variedad de técnicas quirúrgicas tradicionales y mínimamente invasivas para tratar traumatismos, afecciones degenerativas y problemas congénitos.

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Neurocirugía pediátrica

En Boston Medical Center, nuestros neurocirujanos pediátricos son expertos en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de trastornos o lesiones del cerebro y la médula espinal en bebés, niños y adultos jóvenes. Nuestro equipo de cirujanos pediátricos calificados, enfermeras, anestesiólogos y otros profesionales utilizan los últimos equipos y técnicas quirúrgicas para brindar una atención experta a su hijo en un entorno compasivo.

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Cirugía para el dolor

El dolor crónico puede ser debilitante y puede tener un costo emocional para usted y su familia. Los neurocirujanos del Boston Medical Center pueden ayudarlo a obtener alivio. Somos expertos en el manejo y tratamiento del dolor crónico. Ofrecemos técnicas de intervención, dispositivos implantables y cirugía abierta para tratar una variedad de afecciones, que incluyen dolor regional crónico, cirugía de espalda fallida, poslaminectomía, distrofia simpática refleja y neuralgia del trigémino.

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Nuestro Equipo

Our neurosurgeons are all full-time staff members at Boston Medical Center and appointed to the faculty at Boston University Medical School. They are involved in patient care, teaching and research to further the knowledge and treatment of neurosurgical conditions. We also work closely with other departments in the hospital, such as neurology, radiology, otolaryngology and orthopedics to coordinate your care and treatment. Together, we provide advanced diagnostics as well as treatment of a broad spectrum of brain and spine diseases.

We are proud to offer an ACGME accredited neurosurgical residency program with our partners at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  During their seven years of training, residents spend equal amounts of time at BIDMC and BMC, six months at Boston Children’s Hospital, and one year conducting research.  To find out more, please visit the neurosurgical residency program website.

Neurosurgical Residents

  • Andrew Powers, MD
  • Charles Mackel, MD, JD
  • Anirudh Penumaka, MD, MS
  • Aristotelis Filippidis, MD, PhD

Recursos del Paciente

Información Sobre Residencia y Becas

Neurosurgical Residency Program 

The combined Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Boston Medical Center (BMC) Neurosurgical Residency Program provides residents with a unique opportunity to train at three of the busiest medical centers in New England, all of which treat patients with some of the most complex neurologic conditions. During their seven years of training, residents spend equal amounts of time at BIDMC and BMC, six months at Boston Children’s Hospital, and one year conducting research.

Pre-Residency Fellowship

Pre-residency fellows are integral members of the neurosurgical neurocritical care teams. Duties include managing floor and ICU patients, night call, and assisting in the operating room and outpatient clinic, which together provide broad clinical exposure in the neurosciences.