El Departamento de Neurología ofrece un espectro completo de atención neurológica, que incluye examen, evaluación diagnóstica, consulta, tratamiento, seguimiento integral y recomendaciones de rehabilitación para trastornos del sistema nervioso. Los pacientes reciben lo último en terapias y tratamientos basados en la investigación que está en curso en BMC. Contamos con experiencia clínica avanzada en todas las subespecialidades de neurología.

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Programs and Clinics

Enfermedad de Alzheimer y trastornos de la memoria relacionados

El Programa de Enfermedad de Alzheimer y Trastornos de la Memoria Relacionados en el Centro Médico de Boston ofrece consultas para pacientes hospitalizados y ambulatorios, así com…

Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury

The Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Program at Boston Medical Center cares for inpatients and outpatients with injuries related to motor vehicle collisions, falls, assaults,…

Epilepsy Program

The Epilepsy Program offers a full range of diagnostic tests and treatments for epilepsy, with doctors who are focused solely on this condition. 

General Neurology

BMC’s general/comprehensive neurologists work closely with our specialized neurologists across many areas to enhance our expert patient care. They practice comprehensive neurology…

Hospital Neurology

The Division of Hospital Neurology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hospitalized patients with complex neurologic disorders.

Interventional Neuroradiology

Our multidisciplinary group offers cutting-edge diagnostic imaging and treatment for conditions that affect the brain, neck, and spinal cord.

Multiple Sclerosis Center

The Multiple Sclerosis Center is proud to be recognized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care. We’ll be there with you through every ste…

Neurocritical Care

Our expert neurointensivists and specialty-trained nurse practitioners deliver cutting-edge emergency neurological care, with 24/7 inpatient hospital coverage. 

Neuromuscular Disorders

Our expert team cares for people with a wide range of conditions that affect the muscles and peripheral nervous system, from carpal tunnel syndrome to ALS. We offer state-of-the-a…

Neuroinfectious Diseases

With training in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, infectious neurology, vascular neurology, and neurocritical care, our doctors are uniquely able to provide expert care to pe…


El Programa de Neuropsicología del Boston Medical Center ofrece evaluaciones cognitivas y psicológicas en profundidad. Los pacientes a menudo son derivados por síntomas neuropsico…

Pain, Headache, and Interventional Pain

As one of the few multidisciplinary pain management groups in an academic Neurology department, we provide state-of-the-art care with medications, x-ray (fluoroscopy) intervention…

Centro de Enfermedades de Parkinson y Trastornos del Movimiento

El Programa de Enfermedad de Parkinson y Trastornos del Movimiento ofrece consultas, experiencia y atención integral a las personas con trastornos neurológicos del movimiento.

Sleep Disorders Clinic

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine-accredited Sleep Disorders Center at Boston Medical Center provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services for individuals with a fu…

Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center

BMC’s Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center is proud to be certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Joint Commission, which recognizes our ability to treat complex strokes. O…
“MS doesn’t stop me. I don’t plan on letting it stop me. I have a lot of things to accomplish. I always say that I don’t live with MS. MS lives with me.” Selina's story
Hear more from Selina

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Training and Education

Neurology Residency and Fellowships

The Department of Neurology at Boston Medical Center has a long and distinguished history in both the academic and clinical arenas, with both a neurology residency program and subspecialty fellowships available. 

Global Health Initiative

The Department of Neurology’s Global Health Initiative provides opportunities for residents and attending physicians to provide neurological care in developing nations. The Initiative includes a Global Health Track for residents with formal presentations on global health neurology and opportunities in field experience and research.  

Stroke/IR Suite - June 2019 Photoshoot

Neurology Research

The Department of Neurology at Boston Medical Center conducts world-class basic science, translational, and clinical research. Physicians and scientists collaborate via nationally and locally funded research programs to develop the latest in neurological diagnostics and therapies.