Determining the best treatments for your rheumatology diagnosis can be hard and sometimes confusing. That’s why our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to meet the needs of every patient – we involve multiple doctors and specialties. It gives the team of doctors the ability to work together to address all of your needs and concerns.

An example to this approach is between dermatology and rheumatology.  If you need care for both skin and joint problems, you can now see can see a dermatologist and rheumatologist during the same appointment, creating a “one stop visit” for your care needs. BMC’s rheumatology team also partners in other specialties to meet your care needs, including; 

  • pulmonary 
  • renal 
  • gastroenterology 
  • hematology 
  • cardiology
  • obstetrics  
  • gynecology 
  • ophthalmology 

As a patient with a rheumatologic condition, you may be on a number of medications.  Within the clinic, we partner with pharmacists team to ensure that

  • you are well-informed about your medications 
  • medication interactions are minimized 
  • all appropriate vaccinations are offered 
  • the insurance approval process is navigated efficiently (including for infusion of biologic therapies) 

While the team at the clinic works closely with other departments to ensure that you, and all of our patients are followed and treated based on your unique diagnosis, it also serves as a referral center for the diagnosis and treatment of the following: 

  • scleroderma 
  • lupus 
  • inflammatory arthritis
  • spondyloarthritis 
  • osteoarthritis 
  • gout 

Many providers in the rheumatology clinic are listed among the “Top Doctors” in Boston Magazine and are also certified by USSONAR in performing musculoskeletal ultrasound in the clinic, a procedure that assists providers in diagnosis and treatment.

For those patients who do require infusion therapy, the Infusion Suite provides patients with the utmost privacy, comfort, and convenience during treatment, including private rooms and bays with large reclining chairs and comfortable seating for those who accompany them. Additionally, in-clinic Patient Navigators help ensure that patients clinic visits, infusion treatments, and necessary tests are efficiently planned and that they get appropriate follow-up and monitoring in between appointments.

If you or a loved one suffers from a rheumatological disease and would like some more information about the rheumatology multi-disciplinary clinic at Boston Medical Center, please call 617.638.7460.