In December 2021, Laurette was transferred to Boston Medical Center from Morton Hospital after her family found her with left sided weakness and slurred speech. A CTA done at the hospital showed a clot in her brain that was causing these stroke symptoms. She received tPA, a medication that helps to break up the clot in her brain that caused the stroke. She was brought to Dr. Thanh Nguyen for mechanical thrombectomy, a procedure to help take out the clot in her brain. When Dr. Nguyen looked at the blood vessels in her brain during a cerebral angiogram, they found that the medication tPA had dissolved the clot and no further intervention was needed.

She was discharged to rehab 5 days after her initial presentation. She is now living at home with her family. Laurette and her loved ones are so thankful for the medical care she received. She is back and feeling even better than before her stroke.

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