We are pleased to recognize the following Boston Medical Center staff as having completed the requirements necessary to be considered Autism Friendly!


  1. A. Francois    (Radiology Team Member)
  2. Abby Vilk    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  3. Abena Boateng    (Radiologic Technologist)
  4. Abhya Vij     (Resident, Pediatrics) 
  5. Abigail Belser    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  6. Adrienne Snow    (Unit Coordinator)
  7. Adrienne Viola    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  8. Ainsley Bonin    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  9. Alaric D'souza    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  10. Alayna Madden    (Pharmacy Technician III) 
  11. Alex Brown Jr    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  12. Alexander Friedman    (Program Manager, Autism Program) 
  13. Alexander O'Leary    (Manager Public Safety Operations, Public Safety Operations)
  14. Alexander Pomerantz    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  15. Alexandra Heinz    (Medical Case Manager, SBIRT Development, Implementation & Integra)
  16. Alexandra Kimmel    (MD)
  17. Alicia Jeudy    (Unit Coordinator, Brockton Behavioral Health)
  18. Alisha Mojica    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  19. Alison Burchette    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  20. Allison Fialkowski    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  21. Amanda Salvatore    (Psychiatric Nurse (Brockton))
  22. Amber Pothier    (Certified Nursing Assistant, Emergency Department) 
  23. Ambrose Marton    (Radiology Technologist)
  24. Amundam Mancho    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  25. Amy Harlowe    (Program Coordinator, GIM)
  26. Andrew Atherton    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  27. Angelina Horn    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  28. Anna Gamble    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  29. Anna Patrusheva    (Operations Director, OB/GYN) 
  30. Annie Glass    (Student Intern, Public Safety)
  31. Anthony Mell    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  32. Anthony Talieri    (Radiology Technologist)
  33. Anthony Yang    (Student Intern, PSO Detectives, and Co-Ops)
  34. Aram Taft    (Public Safety Officer)
  35. Ariane Poulin    (Palliative Care Educator)
  36. Arielle Watt    (Clinical Preceptor - X-Ray Department)
  37. Asem Alhammadi    (Systems Integrator, Public Safety)
  38. Ashley Schiffmiller    (Senior Administrative Coordinator, Child Witness to Violence)
  39. Ashley Simmons    (Occupational Therapist-Behavioral Health (Brockton))
  40. Austin Moore    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  41. Ayobami Oyadiji    (Lead Mental Health Specialist – Brockton)
  42. Ayodeji Totoola    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  43. Babajide Lawal    (Mental Health Specialist I (Brockton))
  44. Barbara Mendes-Vicente    (Practice Assistant, Belkin Breast Health Clinic)
  45. Barbara Mullin     (Nurse, Pediatric Emergency Department) 
  46. Behterin Rehnuma    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  47. Belinda O'Hagan    (Junior Research Scientist, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  48. Benjamin Chase    (Social Work Intern, Population Health )
  49. Bernadette Chirokas    (Microbiology Laboratory Manager)
  50. Beverly Turner    (Certified Nursing Assistant II, OP Physical Therapy)
  51. Bijan Ghaffari                ( Resident, Psychiatry)
  52. Billy Finnerty    (Radiologic Technologist)
  53. Brandon Anderson    (Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging Technician)
  54. Brian Bowers    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  55. Brian Jumpp    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  56. Brian Murphy    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  57. Brieanna Sibulkin    (Radiology Technologist I)
  58. Brigid McKenna    (Staff Nurse, 5E Nursing Surgical ICU- MP)
  59. Brittney Jenkins    (Psychiatric Nurse - Brockton)
  60. Caitlin Bowen    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  61. Camila Lopes    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  62. Carline Villette    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  63. Carmen Rosa Norona    (LICSW, Psychiatry)
  64. Carol Minichino    (Pharmacy Technician III, Mail Order Techs)
  65. Caroline Bao    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  66. Caroline Onyiriuka    (Staff Nurse-SEIU)
  67. Casandra Everett    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  68. Charles Collins    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  69. Charlotte Solmssen    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  70. Chastity Froio    (Radiology Technologist)
  71. Cherki Benchraka    (Radiology Film Librarian)
  72. Chidera Kenneth Nwokoro    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  73. Christian Rose    (MD, Family Medicine)
  74. Christina Andrianopoulos    (Vaccination Clinical Operations Manager)
  75. Christina Baird    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  76. Christine McGivney     (Fellow, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  77. Christine Naoum Heffernan    (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Neurology/Pulmonology/Allergy and Pain Clinics) 
  78. Christine Scarbro    (Pediatric Nurse Educator, PICU & Pediatrics)
  79. Christine Seay    (Manager CT Services)
  80. Christopher Harrison    (Public Safety Officer)
  81. Cidelca Jack    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  82. Cieara Monteiro    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  83. Claire Barton    (Genetic Counselor, Heme/Onc)
  84. Colleen Mannion    (Radiology Technologist)
  85. Constance Packard    (Senior Director, Chief Public Safety) 
  86. Corinne Plaisir    (Administrative Coordinator, Developmental and Behavriol Pediatrics)
  87. Courtney Bailey    (Mental Health Clinician, MOVA- CWVP (Child Witness to Violence Program))
  88. Courtney Duckworth    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  89. Crinan Bell    (Student Intern, Public Safety Operations)
  90. Crystal Santos Ortiz    (Public Safety Officer)
  91. Cynthia Servizio    (CT Technologist)
  92. Dairine Silveira    (Public Safety Officer)
  93. Dan Lotrea    (Radiology Technologist)
  94. Daniel Arevalo    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  95. Daniel Cafferty    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  96. Daniel Cain    (Pharmacy Technician Supervisor) 
  97. Daniel Miguel     (Public Safety Officer) 
  98. Daniel Steinberg    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  99. Daniel Wakama    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  100. Danielle Silvey    (Radiology Technologist)
  101. Dany Martinez    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  102. Darren Wilcox    (Nuclear Med/Molecular Imaging Technologist)
  103. David DePaolo    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  104. David O'Brien    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  105. David Palmer    (CT Technologist)
  106. Deborah Tellini    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  107. Devika Bagchi    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  108. Devlin Foley    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  109. Diane Suba    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  110. Dionte Phillips    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  111. Don Gomez    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  112. Donald Contois    (Pharmacy Technician III, Retail Pharmacy Mail Order)
  113. Donna Veronelli    (Operations Manager - Nuclear Medicine)
  114. Dorothy Campbell    (Psychiatric Nurse)
  115. Dreana Morgan    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  116. Edelaine Lafondrie    (Registered Nurse, Brockton Behavioral Health Center)
  117. Edjana Kocollari    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  118. Edward Doherty    (CT Technologist)
  119. Elissa Aldred    (Nurse, Emergency Department)
  120. Elizabeth Ferriero    (Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Program) 
  121. Elizabeth Quinn    (Public Safety Officer)
  122. Elizabeth White    (Clinician, Boston Emergency Services Team)
  123. Elvira Usmanova    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  124. Emily Joyce    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  125. Emma Luttrell    (Radiologic Technologist)
  126. Emmanuel Yillah    (Mental Health Specialist - Brockton)
  127. Erica Marchetta-Wood     (Ambulatory Service Representative, Otolaryngology) 
  128. Erin Irwin    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  129. Erin Umlauf    (Development Associate to Grants Officer, Development Office)
  130. Ervin Flowers    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  131. Ervin Velazquez    (CT Technologist)
  132. Eugene Sullivan    (Radiology Technologist)
  133. Flavia Figueiredo    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  134. Francisca Chou    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  135. Franciste Joseph    (Radiology Technologist)
  136. Gabriela Pinto    (Radiology Aide)
  137. Gabrielle Coffin    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  138. Gabrielle Simons    (Culinary Nutrition Educator, Teaching Kitchen) 
  139. George Ibekwe    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  140. Geraldo Diaz    (Public Safety Officer, PSO4)
  141. Gerson Duvil    (Radiology Technologist)
  142. Giana Warner    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  143. Gil Adelman    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  144. Grace Sullivan    (Psychiatric Nurse - Brockton)
  145. Gregory Leblanc    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  146. Gretchen Sammy    (Ultrasound Manager)
  147. Haley Davis    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  148. Hanan Abdallah    (Nuclear Medicine Technologist)
  149. Hannah Fiore    (Clinical Research Nurse / HOPE Nurse, Pediatric Infectious Disease)
  150. Hannah Suuberg    (Intern, Child Life)
  151. Hao Tran    (Public Safety Officer, PSO2)
  152. Harsha Patel    (Radiologic Technologist)
  153. Helen Vo    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  154. Helene Mabington    (Community Outreach Worker, Grow Clinic Special Fund)
  155. Henjia Pean    (Lead Ultrasound Technologist)
  156. Hillary Hollis    (Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Program)
  157. Hunter Hoffman    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  158. Hunter Smith    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations 3)
  159. Ianthe Schepel    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  160. Igor Ricardo    (Radiology Scheduler)
  161. Ilka Beltre-Mercado     (Pharmacy Technician III) 
  162. Immanuel H Mariam    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  163. Jack Aitken    (Student Intern, Public Safety )
  164. Jack Chapman    (Public Safety Officer)
  165. Jackelyne Garces    (Student Intern, PSO Detectives, and Co-Ops)
  166. Jackson Quinn    (Pharmacy Technician III) 
  167. Jacqueline Mcgill-Coyne    (CT Technologist)
  168. Jacqueline McKendry     (Behavior Specialist, Autism Program) 
  169. Jairo Polanco-Paulino    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  170. James Craven    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  171. Jamie Cahill    (COOP Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  172. Jason Ferris    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  173. Jean Richemond    (CT Technologist)
  174. Jelena Popov    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  175. Jennifer Aquafresca    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  176. Jennifer Moyer    (Clinical Nurse Educator, Brockton Behavioral Health Center)
  177. Jerry Jones    (CT Technologist)
  178. Jesika Lopez Nascimento    (LICSW, Psychiatry )
  179. Jessenia Garcia-Figueroa    (Radiology Technologist I)
  180. Jessica Christopulos    (BEST Team) 
  181. Jessica Giglio    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  182. Jessica Gregory    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  183. Jessica Harkins    (Nuclear Medicine Technologist)
  184. Jian Yang    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  185. Joanna Andrade    (Student Intern, PSO Detectives, and Co-Ops)
  186. Joanne Meleshuk    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  187. Joel Holzer    (Student Intern, PSO Detectives, and Co-Ops)
  188. Johane Seide    (Research Assistant, Pediatrics )
  189. John Mangiasi    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  190. John Miceli    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  191. John Sequeira    (Associate Director, Public Safety)
  192. Jon Hochstein    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  193. Jonathan Deane    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  194. Jonathan Ham    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  195. Jorge Da Silva    (Radiologic Technologist)
  196. Jorge Pena    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  197. Jorge Ramos    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  198. Joseph Belanger    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  199. Joseph Khirallah    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  200. Joshua Crabtree    (Radiologic Technologist)
  201. Joshua Palmer    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  202. Judith Goldberger    (Nurse, Labor & Delivery)
  203. Jules Pierre    (Radiology Technologist)
  204. Julia Sharma-Mathias    (Student Intern, Public Safety Operations )
  205. Julianne Croes    (LICSW, Psychiatry )
  206. Justine DePonte    (CT Lead Technicianologist)
  207. Justine Penney    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  208. Justyna Wells    (Supervisor, Public Safety)
  209. Kaisa Luna    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  210. Kara Garrett    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  211. Karam Housni    (Radiology Tech Aide)
  212. Karan Abraham    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  213. Karen Smookler    (CT Technologist)
  214. Karlie Bittrich     (Certified Child Life Specialist, Ambulatory Pediatrics)
  215. Katherine Bick    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  216. Katherine Thomas    (Mental Health Clinician, Pediatrics )
  217. Kathleen Oram    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  218. Kathryn Bartolotti     (Manager, Accounting) 
  219. Kathryn Yochim    (Certified Child Life Specialist )
  220. Katie Ballantyne     (Resident, Pediatrics)
  221. Katie Bidder    (Radiology Technologist)
  222. Katie Jordan    (Social Worker) 
  223. Katie Parrish    (Certified Child Life Specialist, Otolaryngology & Surgery) 
  224. Kayla Smith    (Public Safety Officer)
  225. Kedesch Altidort    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  226. Keerti Daesety    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  227. Keisha Alonzo    (Radiologic Technologist)
  228. Keith Vallee    (Radiology Technologist)
  229. Kellen Silva    (Radiology Technologist)
  230. Kevin Desrochers    (Radiology Technologist)
  231. Kevin Ochoa    (Public Safety Officer, PSO 7)
  232. Khoi Nguyen    (Radiology Aide)
  233. Kirsten Robinson     (Certified Child Life Specialist, Pediatric Emergency Department)
  234. Kobie Smith    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  235. Kristen Mulrey    (Public Safety Officer)
  236. Kristie Cornell    (Certified Peer Specialist (Brockton))
  237. Kristin Cordes     (Fellowship & Clinical Coordinator, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  238. Kristin Marks    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  239. Kristina Tavilla    (Program Manager, Pediatrics)
  240. Kyle Smalls    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  241. Laila Cross    (Business Title Research Assistant II, Pediatrics Administration)
  242. Lasha Hartfield    (Radiology Aide)
  243. Lauren Bartolotti Busa     (Associate Program Director, Autism Program) 
  244. Lauren Duran    (Physical Therapy Assistant) 
  245. Leah Kornguth    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  246. Leanne Decoteau    (Unit Coordinator, Emergency Department)
  247. Lee Andrews    (Psychiatric Nurse (Brockton))
  248. Leon Huang    (Student Intern, PSO Detectives, and Co-Ops)
  249. Lesley Sherman    (Nuclear Med/Molecular Imaging Technologist)
  250. Lilyanna Sorel    (Mental Health Specialist – Brockton)
  251. Linda Parker    (Radiology Technologist)
  252. Lisa Bordonaro    (Radiology Technologist)
  253. Lisa Novinsky    (Registered Dietician, Pediatrics Administration)
  254. Lisa Shelley    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  255. Luany Gotay    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  256. Luis A Perez-Sanchez    (Radiology Department)
  257. Luis Roman    (Ancillary Registration Service Representative, Radiology)
  258. Luis Sousa    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  259. Luke Frankiw    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  260. Luke Manning    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  261. Madelyn Goskoski     (Program Assistant, Autism Program) 
  262. Maggie Czajak    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  263. Maggie Jones     (Resident, Pediatrics)
  264. Maja Kalkofen    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  265. Malissa Danforth    (Diagnostic Radiology Manager)
  266. Mananel Pierre-Louis    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  267. Manjary Guha    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  268. Margaret Tomanovich    (Social Worker)
  269. Maria Hacobian    (Patient Navigator, Pediatrics)
  270. Maria Rojas Rivera    (Student Intern, Pubic Safety)
  271. Maribeth Barrows    (Registered Nurse, Brockton Behavioral Health Center)
  272. Marie Celestin    (Senior Administrative Coordinator, Grow Clinic)
  273. Marie Charles    (Clinician, Boston Emergency Services Team)
  274. Marie Raphael    (Psychiatric Nurse (Brockton))
  275. Mariely Rivera-Rodriquez    (Radiologic Technologist)
  276. Marilyn Augustyn     (Division Director, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics) 
  277. Marion Robinson    (IP Psych RN)
  278. Mark Frey    (Public Safety Officer)
  279. Mark Knight    (Public Safety Officer)
  280. Mark Mullaney    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  281. Mark Pomerleau    (Supervisor Radiology)
  282. Martha Goncalves    (Ambulatory Services Representative Primary Care)
  283. Mathias. Ssenfuma    (CT Technologist)
  284. Matthew Hayes    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  285. Matthew Nee    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  286. Mattin Salih    (Transporter)
  287. Maura Hurley    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  288. Maura Lester McSweeney    (Behavioral Health Clinician)
  289. Maureen Patterson-Fede    (LICSW, Psychiatry )
  290. Mbiira Katuramu    (Recovery Nurse (Brockton))
  291. McKayla Weaver    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  292. Meghan Munro    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  293. Melissa Campbell    (Senior Audiologist, Audiology )
  294. Mervyn Williams    (CT Technologist)
  295. Meryl Tigenoah    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  296. Michael Loud    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  297. Michael Shaw    (Public Safety, Evidence Control/Lost & Found Officer) 
  298. Michael Sheanon    (CT Technologist)
  299. Michael Siena     (Peer Specialist, Psychiatry) 
  300. Michael Tofuri    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  301. Michael Wertz    (Systems Integrator, Public Safety )
  302. Michaelle Gaston    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  303. Michelle Trevino    (Researcher, Pediatrics)
  304. Michelle Zhou    (Mental Health Clinician, Good Grief Program, Pediatrics Department)
  305. Milhouse Severe    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  306. Minelia Rodriguez-Ortiz    (Mental Health Clinician, Psychiatry )
  307. Mira Magner    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  308. Miriam Bremer-Kamens    (Research Assistant, Pediatrics )
  309. Miriam Guerrier    (Family Navigator, Pediatric Hematology) 
  310. Miriam Ramos    (Radiology Technologist)
  311. Molly Ann Duggan     (Child Life Manager) 
  312. Monalisa Santos    (Nuclear Med/Molecular Imaging Technologist)
  313. Murphy Kaphing    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  314. Natacha Antoine-Bernadeau    (Psychiatric Nurse-Brockton)
  315. Natalia Marra    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  316. Natasha Lerner    (Program Director, PEDI)
  317. Ngozi Idimogu    (Mental Health Specialist, Brockton)
  318. Nicholas Gold    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  319. Nicholas Talarico    (Radiology Technologist)
  320. Nireesha Sidduri    (Research Assistant, Family Medicine)
  321. Nisrine Elmouttaqi    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  322. Nosa Izevbizua    (Radiology Technologist)
  323. Nubaira Milki    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  324. Octavia Simmons    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  325. Oladimeji Akere    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  326. Olga Elias    (Family Advocate (Bi-lingual), Grow Clinic Special)
  327. Orlando Arroyo    (Radiology Technologist)
  328. Osar Omoroghomwan    (Radiology Technologist)
  329. Pamela Corey    (Clinical Instructor- SEIU, Medical Clinical Sup)
  330. Pamela Kuzia    (Nurse, Radiology)
  331. Pamela Nevins    (Radiology Technologist)
  332. Patricia Donovan    (Nurse, Inpatient) 
  333. Patrick Desir    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  334. Patrick Gorman    (LICSW)
  335. Paul Dottin-Carter    (Nuclear Medicine Student)
  336. Paul Koppenhaver    (Clinician, Boston Emergency Services Team)
  337. Paul Ricci    (X-Ray Technologist (Radiology Department))
  338. Perla Rodrigues    (Newborn Hearing Screener, Audiology )
  339. Peterson Gilbert    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  340. Phillip Bell    (Lead Mental Health Specialist - Brockton)
  341. Rachel Lerner    (Licensed Independent Social Worker, Social Work)
  342. Rajaa Zorqi    (Breast Imaging Services Representative)
  343. Ravi Moses    (Transporter)
  344. Raymond Benton    (Lead Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  345. Rebecca Stafford    (Research Assistant, Neurosurgery) 
  346. Reegan Gigliello-Roy    (Student Intern, PSO Detectives and Co-Ops)
  347. Reginald Pompee    (Radiology Technologist)
  348. Rita Wang    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  349. Robert Connors    (Nuclear Med/Molecular Imaging Technologist)
  350. Robert Freeman Jr    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  351. Rosangela Deandrade    (Radiology Technologist)
  352. Ryan Byrnes    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  353. Ryan Covelle    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  354. Ryan Houlihan    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  355. Ryan McDonough    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  356. Ryan Walshe    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  357. Sabre Herzig    (Radiologic Technologist)
  358. Sadrak Fernandes    (Radiology Technologist)
  359. Sam Manini     (Physical Therapy Assistant) 
  360. Samantha Rovers    (Traveler RN, Menino OR)
  361. Samantha Woods    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  362. Sara Bastin    (Autism Resource Specialist, Autism Program) 
  363. Sarah Brnich    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  364. Sarah Ireland    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  365. Sarah Schipelliti    (Staff Nurse)
  366. Scott Holland    (Public Safety Investigator, Public Safety 3)
  367. Sean Joyce    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  368. Seth Duguay    (Radiology Technologist)
  369. Shanna Yue    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  370. Shari Krauss     (Program Director, Autism Program) 
  371. Sharifa Green    (Ambulatory Services Representative)
  372. Smith Jordan    (Radiology Technologist)
  373. Sohaib Daoud    (Lab Support Service, Lab Support Services - NP)
  374. Sonje Carlson    (Intern, Child Life)
  375. Sophi Lederer    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  376. Sophia Casaletto    (Radiology Aide)
  377. Spiro Gace    (Radiology Aide)
  378. Stacey Dobrowolski    (NP Student)
  379. Stacey Fraser    (Radiology Technologist)
  380. Stacy Normand    (LICSW, Child Witness to Violence Project)
  381. Stanley McGrath    (Radiologic Technologist)
  382. Stathis Chronopoulos    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  383. Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba    (Policy Director, Pediatrics )
  384. Stephen Fadiya    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  385. Stephen Harris    (CT Technologist)
  386. Stephen Pizzelli    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  387. Stephen Wholley    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  388. Tai Adigun    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  389. Taiwo Oni    (Mental Health Specialist (Brockton))
  390. Tania Altidor    (Clinical Social Worker, Grow Clinic Special)
  391. Tanneh Roberts    (Mental Health Specialist I - Brockton)
  392. Tanya Casilli    (Ultrasound Technologist)
  393. Taylor Kratochvil     (Resident, Pediatrics)
  394. Terence Ekwi    (Radiology Technologist)
  395. Tess Brockmeyer    (Unit Coordinator, SICU)
  396. Therese Ancheta    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  397. Thomas Cashin    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  398. Thomas Greenwood    (Supervisor, Public Safety)
  399. Thomas Thekaekara    (Radiology Technologist)
  400. Tien Le    (Tech Aide)
  401. Timothy Failla    (Staff Nurse, Adult Emergency MP)
  402. Troy Cox    (Biomedical Health Prevention Specialist) 
  403. Vanessa Ortiz    (Unit Coordinator)
  404. Vanessa Petersen    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  405. Victoria Martell    (Nursing Professional Development Generalist)
  406. Victoria Morse    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Operations)
  407. Wilkenson Pierre    (Nuclear Medicine Technologist)
  408. William Babinchak    (Resident, Pediatrics)
  409. William Black    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  410. William Chase    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety)
  411. William Crisosto    (Public Safety Officer)
  412. William Gibbons    (Director of Public Safety, Public Safety )
  413. William LeBlond    (Public Safety Officer, Public Safety )
  414. Wilson Auguste    (Psychiatric Nurse (Brockton))
  415. Yixin Ke    (Student, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
  416. Yviolene Pierre    (CT Technologist)