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The Kidney Transplant Program at Boston Medical Center (BMC) is fully committed to providing every patient with exceptional care, without exception. Since our first transplant in 1977, our program has evolved into a high-quality service sought out by local, regional, national and international patients and their families. 

Our experienced transplant surgeons are supported by a multidisciplinary clinical team devoted to delivering the best care to patients, donors and their families. The team carefully guides patients and loved ones through the steps of giving and receiving a kidney transplant in a compassionate, understanding and pressure-free environment. Additionally, our strong relationship with local dialysis centers and nephrologists ensures we receive all of the necessary information to provide the best possible outcome.

Why Choose BMC’s Kidney Transplant Program?

  • Our accomplished transplant surgeons have performed over 900 kidney transplants, and have more than 35 years of combined transplant experience.
  • Our living kidney donor program has completed 300 living donor transplants since 1987, a number that continues to grow every year.
  • Our transplant nurse coordinators have a combined 33 years of experience, and expertly guide patients and families through any clinical and social situation.
  • BMC’s extensive social services network provides patients and families with the tools and education needed to manage the transplant process, both before and after surgery.
  • Our clinical pharmacy team is committed to making sure medications are received promptly and patients understand when and how to take them. Continuing improvement projects have improved patient medication compliance, which has led to safer and more effective care.
  • Our financial services team works closely with patients and their families to maximize insurance coverage for transplant and to make sure the financial components of the transplant process are clearly explained and taken care of, every time.

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Programs and Services

Living Kidney Donation Program

Boston Medical Center has a well-established Living Donor Program and has completed more than 300 living donor kidney transplants.

Our Team

Transplant Surgeons

Sarah Meade, DO

Transplant Surgeon
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Boston University School of Medicine

Transplant Nephrologists

Jean M Francis, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medical Director of Kidney Transplant Program, Boston University Schoool of Medicine, Boston MA

Placeholder image for doctor

Sandeep Ghai, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston Massachusetts

Transplant Donor Surgeon

David S Wang, MD

Associate Professor of Urology, Boston University School of Medicine

Transplant Psychiatrist

Barbara J Horner, MD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine

Special Interests

Consultation- Liaison psychiatry, OB(Women’s health), Renal patients and Transplantation psychiatry

Transplant Coordinators

Karen A Curreri, RN, CCTC

Clinical Administrator for Transplant Surgery

Special Interests

Renal Transplant, Living Donation

Vladimir Doxy, RN

Transplant Coordinator

Special Interests

Renal Transplant and Hemodialysis

Patient Resources

Patient Stories - Transplant Surgery

After being affected by her amyloidosis, BMC patient Mary Jane was told that she would need a new kidney. Knowing that it can be very difficult to find a kidney donor, and one with a perfect kidney match, her husband, Jerry, went to Facebook. He made an Uncle Sam–like poster, reading “If you are O+ and willing to save my life, please send me a message!” and posted it on as many public Facebook pages as he could. After hearing back from a few sources, they found Michelle, who turned out to live right down the street from Mary Jane and Jerry.

Patient Stories