The support sites and professional organizations below can help you connect with and learn from others who share similar experiences and from professional organizations.

However, please note that medical concerns should always be addressed by your healthcare professional.

  • IPAA Tips and Resources

    If you’ve had ileoanal anastomosis (IPAA or J-pouch) surgery, there’s a lot to learn. See tips from our experts, read first-hand accounts of the procedure, and learn where to find support here.
  • Colorectal Links

    Find out more about colorectal surgery, inflammatory bowel disease, and other gastroenterology-related topics straight from professional medical organizations.
  • IBD Support Sites

    You don’t have to go through IBD alone. Learn from and connect with other people with IBD on these sites.
  • FAQs

    Questions about gastroenterological conditions, treatments, and screenings are common. Here are some of the questions we hear most often.
  • Test and Procedure Preparation Info

    Coming to BMC for a gastroenterology procedure? Learn more about what you need to do to make sure you’re ready for your visit.
  • Patient Support Services

    Your care team includes more than your gastroenterologist. From radiology to mental health support to nutrition services, teams across the hospital are available to help make sure you get the best care possible.