Boston Medical Center (BMC) is a Level 1 Trauma center with the busiest emergency department in New England. We serve a culturally diverse patient population. Many of our patients experience social determinants impacting their health and BMC seeks to empower patients to achieve their best state of health.

The Department of Nursing and our entire staff of over 1,700 RNs are committed to mentoring future nurses. Our institution hosts hundreds of nursing students and clinical faculty members each year as part of the professional learning process.

BMC belongs to the Massachusetts Centralized Clinical Placement (CCP) and all affiliated institutions should request placements for their students using this site. If you are in school and not currently affiliated with BMC and want to do an experience as a student, the first step is to establish an affiliation agreement. Contact the clinical placement coordinator to initiate this process. Once agreements are in place, a clinical placement can occur.

BMC places students in groups with a qualified clinical instructor on medical-surgical, critical care, pediatric, and maternity units.  We do not currently place groups in the ambulatory setting, emergency department or perioperative areas. Undergraduate (unlicensed) senior students are placed throughout the institution one to one with a staff nurse.  These students will be assigned a staff nurse based on availability. All undergraduate senior experiences need to be requested via CCP.

Graduate nurses in Master’s, NP and Doctoral programs can also request a placement in their preferred specialty area. Graduate students must identify and confirm a preceptor before their school enters the request via CCP.

All students and instructors need documentation submitted on their behalf by the school prior to the start of each semester/ clinical experience:

  • Health Immunization status including dates of recent PPDs (2 step method), Influenza vaccinations, and other required titers/vaccinations. (Form available on CCP website)
  • Registration form to obtain an ID for the experience (registration form available on CCP website)
  • Verification of completion of the orientation modules located on CCP here: 
  • Additionally, for Nursing Instructors:
    • New external candidates need to submit via the school a copy of their CV or resume to ensure that their clinical experience matches our institutional values.
    • New external candidates need to attend EHR training (2 four hour sessions) in the EHR system used by BMC (EPIC).
    • All new external candidates must spend at least one shift on the assigned unit to orient to the unit specifics and the patient specific population, protocols, and teams.
    • All instructors must successfully complete all assigned modules in the eLearning platform initially and ongoing. (included in this is a math med test on hire, PYXIS tutorial and unit specific modules as well as annual modules for returning instructors.
    • Attend any mandatory meetings at BMC as needed. 

For requests, visit the CCP website: 

For questions specific about student placement, please email the student placement coordinator