Look Up, Email, or Call your RO Partners

Every BMC department and division engaging in sponsored program activity is assigned three Research Operations (RO) points of contact to meet pre-award and post-award administrative needs, awards finance, and clinical research (CR) finance,* respectively. Click the following link to download a two-tabbed document , corresponding to the assignments and to an RO-wide directory of contact information.

Portfolio Assignment and Directory

*Please note: CR finance ranges across both negotiated industry trials and sponsor awards that include one or more protocol-specified clinical services, ranging from tissue sampling through major surgery.  For those awards, the Clinical Trial Office collaborates with their pre- and post-award colleagues.

What RO functional area should you contact and when? 

If your need is for general RO teams contact, please use the links below to send a general email query.  For specific individuals, please consult the portfolio assignment and directory, above. 

Sponsored Programs Administration, for all proposal submission, subawards, and post-award needs exclusive of finances:

  • all grant and contract proposals that are not industry projects
  • all award-related tasks, exclusive of industry trials and financial management

Sponsored Programs Finance, for all:

  • award finances, including equipment management and effort reporting
  • finance-related compliance (audit, indirect costs, equipment management, effort)

Clinical Trial Office when:

  • an industry sponsor seeks to activate a clinical trial protocol at a BMC or Boston University site
  • a BMC grant proposal involves one or more clinical services, for pre-submission budget considerations, including coverage analysis, and for continuing support related to billing and clinical charge finances.

Clinical Research Network, when you seek:

  • specific temporary or part-time services (e.g., regulatory, finance) to start up, maintain, or close out your SP
  • support on community and/or sponsor engagement and/or participant partnership,

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