Patricia Borges

Patricia presented to Boston Medical Center after she became weak and started with uncontrollable vomiting. Patricia describes her experience:

“I went to the hospital because I had been feeling severe pain in my head for many days, I had even gone a few days before to another hospital before going to the BMC because of this headache, tests were performed, and the doctor said everything was fine.”

When she presented to BMC, she says she still had severe head pain, along with a lot of pressure in her head. She says she couldn't get out of bed and that she started vomiting and couldn't stop.

Her condition worsened and she was not able to follow commands. She was found to have a blood clot in numerous major veins in her brain. 

Patricia Borges Dr. Nguyen, through endovascular intervention, retrieved the clots in the veins of her brain.  Since the procedure, Patricia says she is back to her baseline and can do all things she was able to before the venous thrombosis. She is enjoying life with her husband and two children. She says, “I am very grateful to Dr. Nguyen”.

Patricia Borges