This page provides information and guidance on reporting and expense approver setup and change requests. To request new access or make changes to existing access please use this form. Guidance on completing the form and how to submit are contained within. 

Sponsored Programs Spending Authority

BMC sponsored programs follow spending authority limits established by BMCHS Policy.

Level 1, approval to $10,000

  • Grant Managers or an appropriate representative approved by the Department Administrator (DA) or Principal Investigator/Program Director (PI/PD).

Level 2, approval to $100,000

  • PI/PDs or directors that have been delegated authority by their PI/PDs.

Level 3, approval to $1,000,000

  • PI/PDs.

Special Roles for Sponsored Programs

Reporting (RPT) – RPT is a reporting only role. Users in this role will not have expense approval authority. This page provides guidance on running and reading reports.

Principal Investigator/Program Director (PI/PD) – Each Infor posting project can only have one PI/PD, who has levels 2 and 3 approver access. 

Department Administrator (DA) – Each Infor posting project can only have one DA, who has level 1 approver access and is the exclusive Chrome River Expense Approver (more about Chrome River) for the project.

All authority levels and special roles come with reporting access. Use the "Project Personnel Report" in Infor to see the current access for a posting project’s authority levels, special roles, and reporting.