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Barbara M Walsh, MD
Director, Pediatric Emergency In-Situ and Mobile Outreach Simulation

Barbara Walsh, MD

Dr. Walsh is an attending physician in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Boston Medical Center and a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine. For the past decade, Dr. Walsh has been immersed in simulation work and completed graduate coursework in simulation training and debriefing at the Center for Medical Simulation. She is the Director of In Situ and Mobile Outreach Simulation at Boston Medical Center where she is implementing innovative, inter-professional in situ programs at community sites.  She is also the Associate Clinical Director of Pediatrics at the Solomont Simulation Center at Boston Medical Center where she has transitioned all pediatric simulation events to in situ training which are now interdisciplinary and involve systems testing and patient safety evaluation.  

From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Walsh created and launched a research pilot – COMET (Community Outreach Mobile Education Training) - evaluating general emergency department needs and interest in a pediatric-specific, in-situ, simulation training program in MA with the specific aim of bridging gaps in pediatric acute care. This work laid the foundation for a larger research collaborative called ImPACTS (Improving Pediatric Acute Care through Simulation).  The large study from this original programming has been published as 5 distinct manuscripts.  Dr. Walsh continues to use simulation as an education and research modality for studying gaps in pediatric acute care as well as identifying and improving systems issues in community emergency department settings.  She is part of several other national and international research and educational networks.

Dr. Walsh continues to dedicate much of her academic time to the COMET program, working with community sites in enhancing pediatric acute care.  These partnerships allow for sharing best practices, policies, and being a distinct resource for all institutions in the New England region. This work has been extrapolated to in situ inpatient pediatric floor units as well as EMS providers.  Programs can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each site.  

Marcie Gawel, MSN
Associate Program Director, COMET

Marcie Gawel, MSN

Marcie began her career in the medical field as an Emergency Medical Technician while completing a Master of Science in Education with a focus in health science. Upon completion of that degree, she taught health education for grades K-8 for the Hartford Board of Education. Marcie then went on to earn a degree in the field of nursing and gain substantial leadership experience throughout my employment. This leadership includes the charge nurse position in Yale-New Haven’s Pediatric Emergency Department, the Clinical Nurse III (based on a CN I-CN III model) position, and serving as co-chair for the pediatric trauma committee. She also has experience as a Health Educator and project coordinator for the Improving Pediatric Care Through Simulation (ImPACTS) project through Yale University. Marcie helped to design, implement, and evaluate educational programs for ImPACTS and worked to develop programs for multiple levels of learners in different areas of pediatric specialties including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. She serves as an educator who assists in cultivating community relationships with the Emergency Medical Services and contributes to the scientific knowledge base to improve pediatric outcomes. Marcie completed a Master of Science degree in Nursing and worked as a Clinical Research II Nurse with Yale University’s Clinical Healthcare, Innovation, Redesign, and Learning Center with a focus on pediatric trauma transitions. Much of her work focuses on qualitative and quantitative research through interviews, data analysis, and provider education. Through these positions, she have been immersed in simulation work, debriefing, and community outreach across the Northeast. Most recently she has taken a community outreach coordinator position specifically focusing on education and injury prevention.