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Boston Medical Center is committed to the mindful, exceptional care of all of its patients, particularly those who may need additional services and support. BMC requires that all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act are abided by and ensures that its staff is trained and sensitive to the needs of people with physical, developmental and cognitive disabilities.

Using Your Own Medical Equipment at BMC

Some patients want to use their own medical equipment while they are inpatients at the hospital. Boston Medical Center works collaboratively with patients to help them do so. Examples of the types of equipment permitted under BMC's policy include CPAP/BiPAP, wheelchairs, and crutches.

The process works like this:

  1. Have a discussion with your provider about wanting to use your own equipment. This can happen either before or while you are admitted to the hospital.
  2. Your provider will determine the suitability of using the equipment and discuss the consent form with you. The consent form is available here.
  3. You will remain responsible for the operation and proper functioning of the equipment. If problems arise or if you are unable to direct the use of the equipment, and if in the clinical judgment of the your provider it is in your best interest, BMC may instead substitute BMC-owned medical equipment.

Please note that items essential for life-support, such as ventilators, are not included under this policy. But BMC will work collaboratively with you if you have a preference related to a ventilator or other essential respiratory equipment. For example, if the hospital does not already own similar equipment, BMC will try to work with the durable medical equipment company that provides the equipment to store the exact same model at the hospital. The Respiratory Care Department can also ensure staff competency in the equipment.

For providers: more details are available in policy 3.00.300 on the intranet.




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