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The Grayken Center is a national leader in clinical care, research, policy, and advocacy related to substance use disorders. Our programs, most of which are based on best practices developed at BMC, serve patients from birth through geriatric care in over approximately 2,500 patient visits per month. In addition, our researchers publish approximately 100 papers annually, helping to build the future of addiction medicine.

Stories of recovery at Grayken

Stigma is most often the primary reason why people don't receive the addiction treatment they need. Grayken hopes to bring addiction out of the shadows by telling the stories of recovery and the research that goes behind what we do.

Join us at our first-ever Boston addiction conference

We are hosting Together for Hope: Boston Addiction Conference 2024, a two-day conference for people in the Boston area who are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. We welcome experts in all areas of the addiction field — including clinicians, educators, researchers, peers, harm reductionists, administrators, and policymakers — as well as people with lived experience of substance use disorder and their families.

Join us to collaborate, share innovations, and reestablish connections that were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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To get an appointment or talk with someone about addiction services at Boston Medical Center, call 617.638.5500. Or click here to learn more about our programs.