The Autism Friendly Initiative (AFI) at Boston Medical Center is recognized as a national and international leader in improving the healthcare experience for patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. The AFI trains thousands of healthcare professionals annually and regularly provides consultations to partners in Europe, Asia, Australia, and across North America.

At Boston Medical Center, the AFI has successfully developed and implemented a range of interventions in four key domains:

  • Individualizing patient care
  • Modifying the sensory environment
  • Training clinicians, staff, and students
  • Providing support in preparation of visits

AFI is guided by the following principles, and is committed to ensuring that they are incorporated into all aspects of our work:

  1. Broad engagement of stakeholders
  2. Patient and family voice
  3. Strategic multi-tiered interventions 
  4. Real-time monitoring and evaluation 
  5. Commitment to values