Research teams must identify a source of funding before a data request will be added to the CDW work queue. Investigators can include the cost of CDW services in their grant proposal budgets or can pay for services using internal funds, such as Department/Division funding or discretionary funds. 

Cost Structure

The fee structure of the CDW is maintained as a BMC Research Administration Core. The fee structure is reviewed annually. Currently, the CDW charges:

  • $75 per hour if funded by a BMC/BU account or grant, or if funds originate from a Boston HealthNet Community Health Center.
  • $131.25 per hour if funded by for-profit funders, or if account is external to BU/BMC/Boston HealthNet.

If you are concerned about CDW fees, please reach out to to schedule a consultation. We can work with you to keep costs low.

Billable Services

All project-specific activities and services beyond the initial free consultation are billable. This includes consultations to further refine the work, develop variable definitions, link data sets, and finalize data format. It also includes data extraction, request follow-ups, and modifications to existing requests.

Services for Which Fees are Waived

An initial consultation is provided to all studies free of charge. 

If the project is a simple counts request to prepare a research proposal, the CDW provides three free hours of services to investigators with the expectation that funding for further CDW services are included in award budgets. Count requests requiring more than three hours of analyst time are subject to the hourly fee. 

CDW collaborations with Departments may result in generalizable processes that benefit the CDW and BMC as an institution. In these cases, the CDW may waive a portion of its fees. Such projects are discussed with CDW leadership and/or the Advisory Committee.  

Billing Policies

Account information must be provided by the requestor via the data request form. Data sets will not be provided to investigators until the CDW confirms account information has been supplied.

The investigator and administrative contact receive one (1) invoice per delivered data set. For example, a project with a single data extraction will receive one invoice after the delivery of the data set. A project with quarterly data extractions will receive one invoice per quarter after the delivery of each quarterly data extract. All analyst hours attributed to the supplied data set are included on the invoice. Investigators are given two weeks from the date of data set delivery to review the data and request modifications. The invoice is generated after this two-week review period or, if modifications are requested, after the modifications are made.

The CDW Team bills in cooperation with BMC Research Administration, which processes all journal entries the first week of the month following invoice delivery.