Help Formulating a Data Request  

A well-defined data request is critical to obtain accurate, reliable and useful data. CDW analysts are experienced in helping investigators refine data requests, determine what types of data are available and appropriate to address the research question(s), and articulate the request in the appropriate format within the CDW Data Request Form. The CDW analysts will consult with research teams interested in requesting data from the CDW. An initial consultation is provided to all studies free of charge.  

Estimate the Cost of a CDW Request 

The CDW analysts are available to make cost estimates for their work. Investigators must include the cost of CDW services in their grant proposal budgets or pay for services using internal funds (e.g., Department or Division funding). Payment for CDW services can be based on an hourly rate or on an estimated a percent time for analyst work. Investigators interested in paying for services via an FTE structure need to pre-arrange this with the CDW prior to the project’s start. Estimates are subject to change if the project deviates in scope after the initial estimate, or if there are unforeseen complications in obtaining relevant data fields. CDW analysts will communicate to the investigator when there is a significant change in the cost estimate (±20% deviation) to avoid unexpected charges. See Fees and Billing for more information. 

Provide Simple Count Data for Feasibility Analysis, Prep-To-Research, or Proposal/Grant Preparation

The CDW team is available to provide investigators with simple count information (e.g. the number of hospitalized patients with pneumonia in 2018) to prepare for a research study and include in grant applications. The CDW provides simple aggregate count request services to investigators with the expectation that funding for further CDW services are included in proposal budgets. Requests of count data (i.e. aggregated data, not supplied at the individual patient level) do not require IRB approval. Counts fewer than six cannot be reported due to privacy concerns.

Provide Extracts of Data Housed in the CDW

With appropriate approvals, CDW analysts can extract data sets with individual-level data for investigators. IRB approval is required before the CDW can begin working on the following types of data extract requests:

  • Cohort identification: The CDW can assist research teams in identifying cohorts of patients that meet study eligibility criteria. For example, the CDW can provide a report of patients that meet study inclusion and exclusion criteria to the research team to facilitate subject enrollment.
  • Data sets: The CDW provides de-identified data sets, limited data sets, and identifiable data sets, either retrospectively or prospectively. For example, a research team studying acute health care utilization among patients with neck abscesses may request a data set that contains patient demographics; emergency department visit dates; in-patient admission and discharge dates; operating room information; and lab values such as the value and date of the most recent white blood cell count.
  • Linked data sets from multiple data sources: The CDW provides data sets that combine data from multiple systems. For example, the CDW can crosswalk BMC EPIC clinical data with CHC OCHIN data for patients with health care encounters at BMC and CHCs. See FAQs for more information.