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All patients and visitors on our main campus must enter our hospital via Shapiro, Menino, or Moakley buildings, where they will be greeted by team members at a new centralized check-in desk before continuing to the hospital. We are excited to welcome you and appreciate your patience as we improve our facilities.

Slide 1 At BMC, we’ve harnessed our family medicine department’s research and faculty expertise, and our residents’ and institution’s dedication to healthcare equity and quality, to implement an evidence-based scholarship program.

This three-year curriculum aims to assist residents in acquiring the tools they need to promote health equity and effect change in the communities, institutions and systems in which they work, via a mentored but self-directed scholarly project.

In the first year, residents conduct a month-long health-equity focused quality improvement project in their health center, integrated into ongoing health center quality initiatives. Starting in the second year, residents develop a mentored scholarly project, present updates of their work at monthly research in progress sessions, lead research-faculty mentored journal clubs, and attend skills-based scholarship workshops (e.g. survey design, literature review).

All residents are encouraged to present their work at scientific conferences. In the past year eight residents presented at STFM.

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Please click here to see a list of recent projects done by residents.

2023 STFM resident presenters

Assessment of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Primary Care Practices

Presenter: Megan Anderson
Authors: Jeremy Weiser, Gerianne Connell, Megan Anderson, Jacklyn Cheng
Accepted Category: Developing Project Poster - 60-min poster session

Essential Training to Increase Provider Comfort In Medication Abortion Care, Post Roe v Wade Reversal

Presenter: Camille Singh 
Authors: Camille Singh,  Jennifer Trieu, Juliana Castedo, Corey Costanzo
Accepted Category: Developing Project Poster - 60-min poster session

Title: Missed Opportunities in Aspirin Prescribing for Preeclampsia Prevention

Presenter: Mariela Cabrera, Noreen Singh
Authors: Noreen Singh, MD, Aimee Mankodi, MD, Saskia Shuman, MHS, Mariela Cabrera, MD,
Jacqueline Chiofalo, MPA, Eve Walter, PhD, Aimee Smith, DO
Accepted Category: Developing Project Poster - 60-min poster session

A Longitudinal Resident Curriculum on Substance Use Disorder

Presenter: Ruchi Shah
Authors: Candice Hu, Emily Regier, Ruchi Shah, Katherine Standish
Accepted Category: Developing Project Poster - 60-min poster session

A Multidisciplinary Team Providing Flexible Care to Control Blood Pressure Utilizing Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring

Presenter: Caitlin Weiss,
Authors: Caitlin Weiss, Jennifer Trieu
Accepted Category: Developing Project Poster - 60-min poster session

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Multidisciplinary Global Health Education Series: "Global Health Is Local Health"

Presenter: Kaylin Pennington
Authors:  Mihoko Tababe, DO, MPH, MIA; Kaylin Pennington, MD, MPH; Katherine Standish, MD, MS; Avra Goldman, MD
Accepted Category: Developing Project Poster - 60-min poster session

Other conferences

Chronic Left Ankle Pain with an Unsuspected Cause: A Case Report.

Karnovsky, Sydney, Nathan Cardoos
AMSSM meeting in Phoenix this spring 2023

Peer-Reviewed Publications of Recent Resident Scholary Projects