BMC requires time and effort reporting on all sponsored programs to ensure consistent application of salary among federal and non-federal sources, and to ensure contractually committed effort is met, regardless of sponsor (Time and Effort Policy). BMC is accountable to our sponsors and the federal government for all effort and salaries paid from BMC sponsored programs, which includes salaries and effort for some Boston University (BU) employees.

Effort Reporting for BMC Employees:

BMC uses Workday (WD) to report and certify effort for all BMC employees charged to a BMC sponsored program. BMC’s bi-annual reporting periods are:

  • January to June
  • July to December

Please contact BMC Effort Reporting (EffortReporting@bmc.org) for support or questions about the process.

Key steps and roles in the WD effort reporting process:

  1. Research Operations (RO) initiates the certification process after a certification period has closed. WD pushes electronic forms to effort reviewers.
  2. Effort reviewers are department or section representatives responsible for reviewing and approving employees’ effort reports before they are certified. Effort reviewers review reports for accuracy and assist employees with understanding the report and reporting cost shared effort commitments. Once the effort reviewers approve, the report moves on the employee for certification (Step-by-step guide for Effort Reviewers).
  3. The effort certifier is the BMC employee whose must certify the accuracy of their salary and effort. Once certified, all reports are returned to RO for final review (Step-by-step guide for Effort Certifiers).
  4. RO gives final approval on all certified effort reports while reviewing for accuracy and compliance with cost share commitments.

Effort Reporting for BU Employees:

For the process, policy, and guides to BU effort reporting please visit their website (Personnel Activity Report (PAR)).

Because effort certification is part of BMC’s Single Audit (a.k.a. Uniform Guidance Audit), BMC must maintain a record of effort certifications for all BMC and BU employees charged to BMC sponsored programs, even though the business process for both is different and the BU PAR process is managed by BU. Therefore, BMC requires all BU employees with effort on BMC sponsored programs to submit their certified reports to EffortReporting@bmc.org at the same time they are submitted to BU, including any recertified or corrected reports.