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BMC has developed a comprehensive and helpful resource for parents of children with neurological disorders, including epilepsy, autism, and a broad spectrum of developmental disorders. Called "Special Kids Special Help," and located at http://www.specialkidsspecialhelp.org/, this site helps guide parents through their child's development, diagnosis, and treatment. The site was created by experts in the Divisions of Child Neurology and Developmental Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center (BMC)—professionals with special expertise in caring for children with neuro-developmental problems.

In addition to descriptions of specific disorders, this site contains general information on planning for education, caring for the well-being of the entire family, and paying for special healthcare needs. It also presents detailed explanations of clinical research as well as instructions on how to involve children in research studies.

We have also included links to websites that we believe are the most accurate, informative, and helpful to families. A note of caution: beware of so-called "miracle" treatments. These usually lack scientific data and may be harmful to your child.

Epilepsy Nutrition Program at Boston Medical Center
The Epilepsy Nutrition Program at Boston Medical Center has created a website dedicated to providing specialized diets to help control seizures and reduce medication side effects in children with epilepsy. The ketogenic diet was the first diet developed, however, its rigidity and extreme fat content limits the ability of many patients and families to use this as a treatment option. Our program offers a variety of dietary therapies, including the low glycemic index treatment (LGIT), which allows more individuals than before to consider dietary therapy to gain control over their seizures. We hope this web page will help you succeed in using a low-glycemic/low-carbohydrate diet for seizure control. The recipes are intended to be pleasing to those on the low-glycemic diet, as well as friends and family.

LearnNow.org is a website created through the collaboration of researchers, educators, clinicians, and families to provide information and expert advice on learning. The website's multidisciplinary approach uses features, tools and resources to enhance learning at home, in school and throughout neighborhoods.

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