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CenteringPregnancy® at BU OB/Gyn Associates

The Centering Pregnancy® Program at BMC's Obstetrics and Gynecology Department offers you prenatal visits in a group with eight to 12 other pregnant women and a midwife or doctor. During your visits you will talk about how to have a healthy pregnancy, get to know other mothers and have your check-up. Women say, they love CenteringPregnancy because the group offers:

• Unhurried time with the midwife or doctor
• Pre-scheduled visits for the whole pregnancy and no waiting the day of the appointment
• Support from other women going through the same changes at the same time

Our CenteringPregnancy group meets at the Yawkey site with plans to expand to other locations in the near future.

What is CenteringPregnancy?

Centering is a type of group care where 8-10 pregnant women, due to give birth around the same month, have of their visits together. Learn more about CetneringPregnancy in this article from the Boston Globe.

What Happens in a Centering Group Visit?

Assessment, Education and Support. During your visits you will have your checkup, opportunities to have your questions answered, participate in discussion about various health topics important to you and your  pregnancy and a chance to get to get to know other mothers.

Why Do We Recommend It?

All of your time in the office is focused on you. You will know all your visits; when your group starts and ends so you can plan your schedule. Since we know when you are coming; you will be preregistered: there is no waiting.

Centering group visits offer unhurried time with your Doctor or Midwife. Providers and patients spend 20 hours together in group visits. This is approximately ten times more time than a typical individual visit. It is fun for both of us to get to know each other better. There is plenty of time to be prepared for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Most all women who have participated in this type of care tell us how supportive and reassuring it was to have contact with other women going though the same experiences of pregnancy. You have the chance to get to know other mothers and perhaps develop a set of lifelong friends. Having other women in the group gives each person a chance to share her own experience. Many times another woman asks just the question that you were wondering about. You are not alone.

We recommend CenteringPregnancy groups because it is better for you. Studies show that women in Centering groups are less likely to have their baby prematurely. Your good health is important to us.

Did we mention that it is fun! We have snacks and laugh a lot too.

How Do I Find Out More?

We hope you will be interested in joining a Centering group. If you have questions please contact; Beth Monahan CNM, MPH  at 617.414.5675

To register for a CenteringPregnancy group call:
Boston Medical Center Ob/Gyn at 617.414.2000 today.

CenteringPregnancy® is a registered trademark of the Centering Healthcare Institute.


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