Substance Use Disorder

app for medication for opioid use disorder prescribing from boston medical center
April 8, 2021

Many providers feel ill-equipped to treat opioid use disorder with medications, like any other chronic disease. A new tool from BMC's OBAT program may help.

doctor looking at pupil size in patient
March 25, 2021

New research shows that pupillometry using an automated camera could improve treatment for opioid withdrawal symptoms and outcomes.

hepatitis c and addiction treatment room with person sitting
March 4, 2021

In a new study, infectious disease physicians engaged patients with hepatitis C and substance use disorder on how to best integrate comprehensive treatment into their lives.

boston medical center homeless covid-19 recuperation unit
February 11, 2021

BMC created a medical unit to provide homeless, COVID-positive patients who were not sick enough to need hospitalization a location to recuperate.

black man holding narcan for opioid overdose death prevention
February 8, 2021

Treatment and harm reduction approaches for opioid use disorder have failed to effectively meet the needs of people of color, experts say.