older woman cervical cancer screening and obgyn office
June 17, 2021

Guidelines recommend discontinuing cervical cancer screening at 65, but new research shows that the majority of women don't meet the criteria to stop.

covid-19 clinical trial for vaccine
June 8, 2021

The toll of COVID-19 on people of color shows how crucial it is to overcome obstacles to inclusion in medical research. A new focus on telehealth is one path.

people waiting in an emergency room
May 11, 2021

New research shows that there are racial disparities in wait times for non-emergent emergency room visits.

child and adult with sickle cell disease type sickle cell anemia in a hospital
April 20, 2021

Progress toward improving outcomes for adults with sickle cell disease hinges on more qualified, trained physicians and investment in longitudinal research.

Close frame of eye
November 24, 2020

The efficacy of treatment versus the prevalence of the condition in Black patients adds evidence to the pile that more diversity is needed in clinical trials.