Policy and Industry

Policy and Industry

blue hill ave mattapan fairmount corridor mbta station
June 15, 2021

Boston hospitals and organizations join forces to drive employment and housing programs in the city's most underserved neighborhoods with a focus on sustainable solutions.

covid-19 clinical trial for vaccine
June 8, 2021

The toll of COVID-19 on people of color shows how crucial it is to overcome obstacles to inclusion in medical research. A new focus on telehealth is one path.

pregnant woman housing eviction with boxes outside her home
May 25, 2021

Stopping housing evictions of pregnant women and addressing inequities that lead to them could improve newborn health, leading to lifelong and intergenerational benefits.

buprenorphine prescription for opioid use disorder using suboxone with naloxone
May 20, 2021

Miriam Komaromy, MD, medical director of BMC's Grayken Center for Addiction, cautions that the new rules don't go far enough in addressing opioid overdose deaths.

woman sitting on a bed trouble sleeping with sleep disorder
May 13, 2021

Low-income patients are more likely to see quality sleep as a luxury, not a health concern. Providers must intervene with education, diagnosing, and treatment.