COVID-19 Vaccine

covid-19 vaccine for people who have had coronavirus
April 29, 2021

In a webinar hosted by the Roxbury Presbyterian Church, epidemiologist Cassandra Pierre, MD, MPH, addressed a common COVID-19 vaccine question.

boston health care for the homeless covid vaccine of shelter guests
March 31, 2021

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program is vaccinating people in shelters who often have mental health comorbidities. Trust is key.

HPV vaccine two doses shots held by a doctor
March 18, 2021

Lessons from the HPV vaccine offer insight and strategies for helping patients receiving COVID-19's dual-dose options finish their vaccination.

lessons from tuskegee for covid vaccine hesitancy text image
March 16, 2021

Descendants of men in the syphilis study in Tuskegee joined medical experts to address trauma and advocate for informed consent of the vaccine.

johnson and johnson vaccine for covid-19
March 1, 2021

With a single dose, less strict storage requirements, and high efficacy against death and hospitalization, the new COVID-19 vaccine could help fill gaps in access.