COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

black woman getting covid-19 vaccine at dorchester community vaccination site
April 13, 2021

A panel examined white supremacy culture and how it drives inequities in COVID-19 testing, care, and vaccine access and offered paths for systemic change.

app for medication for opioid use disorder prescribing from boston medical center
April 8, 2021

Many providers feel ill-equipped to treat opioid use disorder with medications, like any other chronic disease. A new tool from BMC's OBAT program may help.

boston health care for the homeless covid vaccine of shelter guests
March 31, 2021

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program is vaccinating people in shelters who often have mental health comorbidities. Trust is key.

boston medical center during covid-19 pandemic
March 23, 2021

Global health expert and infectious disease doctor Davidson Hamer, MD, looks back at what we've learned in a year and how it can inform healthcare strategies moving forward.

HPV vaccine two doses shots held by a doctor
March 18, 2021

Lessons from the HPV vaccine offer insight and strategies for helping patients receiving COVID-19's dual-dose options finish their vaccination.