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Pediatrics – Developmental & Behavioral


Specialty Clinics at BMC:

  • 4C Program

  • Child Protection Team (CPT):  CPT provides consultation, training and direct evaluative services in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.  Services include: social work and medical consultation by telephone on suspected cases of child abuse and neglect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; medical clinic services for abused or neglected children; data collection and review of all reports of suspected abuse/neglect filed by BMC providers; and training/education to health providers in the hospital and community.  For more information please call 617.414.3663.

  • Comprehensive Care Program (CCP): CCP provides coordination and primary care to children with significant developmental disabilities and/or complex medical needs. CCP provides its families with a team approach to their child's care. This team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, a social worker and nurses. Family support is a key component to the program. Additionally, during their primary care visit patients can co-book visits with neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, nutrition, gasteroenterology, endocrinology, and/or a developmental specialist. This “co-location” of care can be very family friendly and promotes collaboration between all members of the child’s team. For more information, please call 617.414.4841.

  • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Program (formerly known as DAC, PAC, SAC): Provides children from birth to 18 years with a variety of developmental issues including developmental language delay, school challenges including ADHD, learning disabilities and school failure, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety disorders, behavioral problems, and a wide range of developmental disabilities. Our typical model of care is a 3 part consultation:
      • Visit 1 is a parent/guardian only meeting to discuss the concerning history of the child/adolescent and to gather information from pervious providers working with the family. For example: early intervention records, teacher information, prior testing, etc.
      • Visit 2 is an assessment/evaluation with the child. This typically occurs after we have collected any prior testing information or evaluation forms.
      • Visit 3 is an appointment with the family to discuss diagnosis and recommendations.
    For appointments or more information, please call 617.414.4841

  • Family Support Assessment Clinic:  When a family faces a dramatic change, perhaps due to an illness, a difficult diagnosis, community violence, a death of a family member, an impending separation or divorce, or any difficult adjustment, all family members are affected in many ways. The clinic provides consultative psycho-educational support for parents or caregivers to help support their children through situations of great stress. For appointments, please call 617.414.4841.

  • Grow Clinic: The Grow Clinic for Children is an outpatient subspecialty clinic at Boston Medical Center, started in 1984 to provide comprehensive specialty medical, nutritional and social services and dietary assistance to children from the Greater Boston Area referred with Failure To Thrive or growth faltering. For appointments or a referral to this clinic, please call 617.414.4841.

  • Baby Steps Program (NICU Follow-Up Clinic): This multidisciplinary clinic provides comprehensive support via developmental and behavioral pediatrics, occupational therapy, infant mental health clinicians, and nutrition to premature newborns. Routinely they see children discharged from BMC at approximately 1 month corrected gestational age or sooner for specific issues to support and track their development in the critical first year of life. To make an appointment, please call 617.414.4841.

Local and National Child Development Programs:

  • The BMC Autism Program assists and empowers those affected by autism spectrum disorder through direct patient support, provider education and community based trainings in a culturally competent manner by offering high quality and comprehensive care to all, regardless of status or ability to pay. Autism specialists work closely with developmental and behavioral pediatricians to offer comprehensive family centered and culturally competent support and resources to families in Boston and its surrounding areas. Additionally the program offers a plethora of additional services including trainings, workshops and support groups.

  • Child Witness to Violence Project is a counseling, advocacy and outreach project that focuses on the growing number of young children who are hidden victims of violence: children who are bystanders to community and domestic violence. The project began in 1992 and currently counsels over 200 children and their families each year, in addition to implementing both national and state-focused training for health care professionals, police, educators and many other social service professionals who confront issues of children witnessing violence. For appointments and information, please call 617.414.4244.

  • The Good Grief Program provides training, consultation and crisis intervention in the area of children’s bereavement. Sibling bereavement, the multiple losses encompassing HIV/AIDS, developmental and physical disabilities, incarceration of a parent, neonatal loss, birth defects, cancer, chronic illness of a family member and the multiple losses of foster care are but a few of the topics visited by our local and national trainings. For more information, please call 617.414.4005.

  • Center for Family Navigation and Community Health PromotionThe mission of the Center for Family Navigation and Community Health Promotion is to translate evidence-based health promotion strategies – such as patient and family navigation, home visitation, the application of motivational interviewing to issues of treatment adherence, and mental health promotion – into routine practice at BMC. The Center will establish programs to prepare a lay, community health workforce to help families negotiate a complex healthcare landscape on behalf of their children. For more information, please call 617-414-3822.

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Boston Medical Center
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