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Pastoral Care


The Spiritual Care Department works collaboratively to help patients, family members and staff to address emotional, spiritual and religious needs. We serve as liaisons, connecting members of the healthcare team, patients and families, and - if requested - clergy or other religious leaders in the community.

Our multi-faith team provides inclusive spiritual care and can explore how your own sense of faith and spirituality may be a healing, comforting resource to you. We will address your unique spiritual journey and support your needs when an ordinary sense of meaning and hope has been disrupted by illness, sudden hospitalization or a life-changing event.

Chaplains value the uniqueness of each person’s spiritual path and provide compassionate support to those of all religious traditions and those who are unaffiliated but seeking support.

Contact a Chaplain

How to contact us:

A chaplain is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hours a chaplain is available for emergencies only. At any hour, the on-call chaplain will triage requests and direct them, when appropriate, to a faith-specific chaplain (i.e. Catholic priest, Rabbi, Imam).

boston medical center chapel entrance

Contact Information

Chaplain Samuel Lowe, Ph.D.
Hospital Chaplain
Newton Pavilion
Pager # 3658

Fr. Ignatius Nze
Newton Pavilion
Roman Catholic patients
Pager #7323

Ms Katelyn Dalton, BCC
Menino Pavilion
Roman Catholic patients
Pager # 4581

Rev. Jennie R. Gould, Ph.D. BCC
Hospital Chaplain
Menino Pavilion
Pager # 4578

Rabbi Jeffrey Faust
Jewish Chaplain
Pager # 3658

Imam Safwan Eid, Muslim Chaplain
Pager # 3658

Jehovah's Witness Hospital Liaison
Pager # 3658

Services Provided

  • Bedside visits during a hospital stay
  • Conversation and prayer before surgery
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Emotional support for families and friends
  • Deep listening
  • Rituals and Sacraments when requested
  • Worship leadership within the medical center
  • Consultation on religious or ethical questions
  • Referral to a spiritual community, when requested, upon discharge
  • Care for your spirit during your physical healing
  • Emergency Baptisms, namings and blessings
  • End of life rituals
  • Memorial services
  • Consultations

When to Call a Chaplain

Departmental Programs

  • Field education site for seminarians
  • Volunteer opportunities for Eucharistic Ministers and Spiritual Care Volunteers
  • Boston Medical Center is a CPE Satellite of The Chaplaincy Center, Providence, RI.  For more information or to apply for CPE please go to: www.thechaplaincycenter.org


  • For emotional and spiritual support around a patient’s care or decision-making
  • For support as you deal with a personal or spiritual issue of your own
  • For referral to local community of worship
  • To arrange a memorial service for a deceased colleague or service of blessing for retiring/departing colleague
  • To assist with processing a difficult case, crisis, or traumatic event (individually or as a unit)

Contact a Chaplain

List of Chaplains

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